Interview Mania and Early Birthday Dinners

Hey NeverEver’s,

Sorry I missed out on posting yesterday. It was just interview mania, which is great but also very tiring. A total of 3 different interviews, 2 of which I think I rocked their socks off. At least I hope so ^_^.

Had another one today, but happily it took me around the area of an old friend. Which old friend’s birthday was a week ago and mine in less then 2 weeks. So we decided to get together and eat!

Sadly, I didn’t bring my camera…I know bad blogger bad!

So we went to take advantage of the endless pasta bowl over at Olive Garden. I have seen the commercials for it but never tried it. Let me tell you I wasn’t able to get past the first bowl, I wasn’t even able to FINISH the first bowl.

Well with no pictures I can’t really show you how yummy it was. But it was good!

Daily Stats Day 68:

For a lazy Sunday I am pretty happy with this one!

Daily Stats Day 69:

I really wish I got up in the morning to work out before heading to all those interviews!
Daily Stats Day 70:

This is what happens when you are sitting down driving in the car then eating a wonderful Early Birthday Dinners. But hey those calories don’t count right ^_~

Sorry this is such a short post but I am tired after driving all day these last 2 days. Seriously, I can’t believe I have another interview tomorrow and a phone one on Thursday.

Which is all AMAZING but I am not sure if I want to start working again or heading to school for court reporting.

So NeverEver’s, what do you think do Birthday Dinner Calories count?

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