Its to Hot…Short Post!

Hey NeverEver’s,

Not much really to post today. It is seriously to hot here in So Cal to even think. 100 degrees is to hot for October.

Had that interview I was telling you about yesterday. However, I didn’t know it was for a ‘Sales’ position and to tell the truth I am not all that great at sales. I like being behind the scenes while working. I do like meeting new people just not in what I consider a ‘high intensity’ area that sales is. So I would be surprised if I get a call back.

Anyways this is gonna be a really short post just because I noticed that I did yesterdays stats…actually yesterday. Opps, sorry about that!

So no Daily Stats until tomorrow.

I am waiting for the sun to go down to go take a walk, hopefully it will cool off enough!

Okay NeverEver’s, stay cool if your here in Cali…but if you are already cool please send your ‘Fall’ thoughts to us here! We really need it!!

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