Its Finally Friday!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am so sorry I have left you all hanging for a while. Kinda starting to feel like I am saying that a lot, not a good sign. Really, it has just been a hectic week with interviews…but it is Finally Friday!

Yesterday, I read an e-mail from an AppleOne recruiter who sends out e-mail blasts about every week or so. Most of the positions don’t fit me, i.e I don’t speak spanish, but this one did. It was requesting a ‘Retention Customer Service Agent’ for a call center. My previous job before it went out of business, was a call center and I was a retention agent. Which I LOVED. So, I sent my resume out with a short intro as to why I would be awesome for the job.

Also, Hubby and I found out that we needed to take my car in to the mechanic to get it ready for the smog test. I kinda forgot it was that time of year already, oh boy. So we take it to the mechanics and then head up towards Rancho to get my parents car.

Not sure if I have mentioned this, but my parents are truck drivers, and have recently purchased a new 2012 Kia Fonte. Now I understand their need to have a car when they come into town every 5-6 months but I didn’t really understand why they needed a new car.

However, as I am driving said new car while I am waiting for mine to get back, I am not saying anything anymore. The Kia is a pretty sweet little car…although the navigation is now getting on my nerves. It seems to me the voice is smug.

So on Thursday I had 3 interviews. 2 for the same position just one as a pre and the other at the location of the call center. Also having the phone interview. After running around all day the the nerves of the interviews I really didn’t eat and just collapsed after coming home.

Daily Stats Day 71:

I did take that walk after the heat died down…and after the Presidential Debate. All I am going to say…Mr. President you looked down WAY to much and Mr. Romney you smirked a little to much.

Daily Stats Day 72:

I know I didn’t eat as much as I should have. I blame nerves with those 2 interviews and being on a time crush.

So today was a LOT quieter. Only had 1 interview at 4pm which lasted about an hour and half. This one was for being an Admin Assistant for a Property Management Company. If I am reading the signals right, as they had me already working on some data entry, I shall have a job next week!

Thank you all for being patient with all these interview or short posts. I am happy to say that at least in the LA area there are jobs out there in the office world. If you are looking I would recommend the Temporary agency’s such as AppleOne, OfficeTeam or Ajilon.

If things are working out like I think they are I shall be back on schedule on Monday with some workouts to talk about. To tell the truth I am actually missing the gym really bad right now!

Okay NeverEver’s I am about to go eat dinner. I have sufficiently relaxed enough from the interview nerves that I can eat again. So have a wonderful weekend!!

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