Saturday Post: Auto Show in O.C

Hey NeverEver’s,

Since I have been recently bad at not posting on time, I thought I would treat you guys to a Saturday post! Well it might already be Sunday on the EST but over here on PST I got another hour!!!

Okay, so Hubby and I went to the Orange County Auto Show. This is the first time I have ever gone to one, so needless to say I was pretty excited to see what it would be like.

Have to say this much for the Auto Show. It was pretty enjoyable to look at all the cars without all the ‘Sales’. Also have to say that it was a little easier to see the different cars each brand offered, instead of going through 10 or more of the same car before getting to something new.

So we of course tried out the cars. Some of them were pretty nice and other not so much to our taste. Like this Scion, which is a great brand, but this one was their iQ and didn’t have trunk space at all! But, it was fun to sit in it and stretch in the front seat!
Ya my car doesn’t have anything like THAT in it. I mean look at that display screen and how nice the whole interior is. I noticed that the dash is now facing the driver more then just in the middle. Hopefully in about a year or so I can get a nice dashboard like this! Fingers Crossed! 

We got a distracted driver over here!!

Have to say those Ford trucks, or just trucks in general, are getting a lot TALLER. This monster is almost taller then me! I can now say that a truck has made me feel tiny…

I personally can’t believe I got the Hubby to check out the trunk space on this Dodge but he did and I LOVE it. Of course I would fully recommend this car to anyone that needs the trunk space ^_~ !
So they also had this Jeep Off Course Road that had all kind of bumps, and hills, and 30 degree inclines. We couldn’t drive on it, which was a SHAME, but we rode around as passengers. The course was bumpier then I thought! Of course it was TON”S of fun even if the hill freaked me out! 
Anyways, on to Friday and Today’s…since today has only 30 more minutes on it…Daily Stats!
Daily Stats 73:
After relaxing from those nerves I decided it was time to take a walk. I am pretty satisfied with my Friday night. Oh and I did have the rest of my SkinnyGirl Margarita, it was the perfect end to a long week. 
Daily Stats 74:
Walking that Auto Show really worked me out! What I am happy with was that I stayed away from the ‘easy’ food like candies and such while there. Today was a good day!
So have you guys gone to an Auto Show before? 
If your here in the L.A area which is better the OC or the LA one? 
What did you do for your Saturday?
Okay NeverEver’s, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend! I shall write you all tomorrow…after my Saints vs Chargers game! 

2 thoughts on “Saturday Post: Auto Show in O.C

  1. Not bad for a first timer, eh? That car show seems fascinating and the cars are all incredibly chic, so what more could you ask for, right? The best part is that you were able to experience one day of eyeing extraordinary cars and at the same time, you were able to lose weight that leads to improving your daily stats. How amazing is that!

    Patrick Gauer

  2. Yup! It was great seeing all those cars, in fact it helped us pick out the right car for us a few days later. Without the car show I am pretty sure we would still be looking!

    I will tell you, it was A LOT of walking. Well worth it though!

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