Korean BBQ and Sunday Night Football!

Hey NeverEver’s,

Today was a pretty good day. Slept in after all that walking from the Auto Show! Once awake it was defiantly time for Sunday Morning Breakfast! So I brought out my waffle maker.

Did I mention that my waffle maker makes circus animal shapes?

This one was for the hubby! He doesn’t do syrup on any breakfast foods anymore. He has found a Mexican caramel sauce called ‘Cajeta’. I personally don’t get the taste cause it doesn’t have the ‘caramel’ taste that I am expecting but he LOVES it. 

Me of course I am satisfied with my normal syrup thank you very much! This was the first time however that I used the Wheat flour for waffles. It was very filling, actually more filling then the normal waffles I made with white flour.
After breakfast it was time to run some errands. Sunday is the perfect day for that, as long as you go earlier. I picked up some chicken wings for dinner this week and I am FINALLY going to try the Three Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom Soup! I have been eyeing that recipe from SkinnyTaste for a while now. But it has been to warm here in Cali for it, now that it has cooled down its perfect!
Getting home Hubby and I decided that before the game tonight, Sunday Night Football Saints vs Chargers, to take his parents out for some Korean BBQ! Now it was the first time they had ever been there, so it was quite an experience!

 Table was all set, already had the Beef Brisket on the grill! Sadly they didn’t have the sides that I like but the salad made up for it!

 Seriously I am not sure what sauce they put into the sauce but it is delicious. Just spicy enough to have a kick but not overly so where you are dying. Side note I die easily when it comes to spices ^_^

 The plates here are smaller so you can’t just overload the plates. I like that and am slowly but surely replacing all my plates to be smaller.

By the way, have you guys had rice paper? It makes everything so yummy! I don’t know why but it does.

So we made it back with about 20 minutes to spare before the game! At this point in the game we are still in the first half with Drew Bree’s making a new record with the NFL by tossing a TouchDown for the 48th straight game on a 40 yard TouchDown!

We are tied right now 7 to 7…and I am leaving you all now to finish watching the game!

Have a relaxing rest of your Sunday!

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