Cooking for the Whole Family Type of Monday

Hey NeverEver’s!

First off I have GREAT news! I got the job at the Property Management Company! I start tomorrow at 8:30am and I am SO ready for this thing to start!

I have my outfit all ready in my head, straightened my hair and of course did my nails! I always feel better and more professional!

So thank you Essie and Wrapped in Rubies! I think its a perfect fall color with just enough ‘red’ to make it fierce!

Since it was my last ‘non working day’ I thought that I might cook for the WHOLE family. I seriously wanted something easy and that wasn’t to expensive, hey those paychecks aren’t coming just yet, and I found the perfect thing!

Three Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom Soup from SkinnyTaste and since I was making things for the family I decided on dessert from PeanutButter and Peppers which was the Apple Frozen Yogurt! You guys both have AMAZING recipes and it always taste delicious when I try them!


Me being all House Wifey and saute-ing the veggies for the soup! To tell the truth about a year ago I would have never stepped inside the kitchen, and here I am now actually cooking whole meals, planning ahead and people LIKING my cooking!

 There are those veggies I was talking about! Carrots, Celery, Onions and a little bit of garlic! Now I am not an onion fan but really by the time the soup was done…I didn’t even taste them! I did forget to picture the mushrooms… oops! 
Here is the final product! Three Cheese Tortellini and Mushroom! The whole family gave me their thumbs up. Including my Father in Law that rarely ever eats anything that doesn’t have meat in it even liked it! 
I shall call this a resounding success! 
Then of course there was dessert! I couldn’t leave that out. Now to tell you the truth if I was freaking out about dinner…I was a nervous wreck for dessert, but it turned out really well! That is what I get for following directions ^_^
Seriously, I am not sure how Jen, PB and Peppers, made this taste so fall-ish! It was perfect greek yogurt tartness with the sweet cinnamon and apple that just takes you to leaves falling! 
Talking about the ‘Fall’ I finally got my table center piece just as I wanted it! You think with the Hubby being a Visual Manager that it would have been easier…
Also, I think this might have been the best photo I have EVER taken to date! But now the house is officially ready for Fall! 
On to the Daily Stats!
Daily Stats Day 74:
For a day at a Korean BBQ I am happy that I only went over 606. That is better then that last time I went there. 
So NeverEver’s have you ever made a dessert? How did it turn out? What makes you feel ready for that ‘First day of work/school’?
Okay NeverEver’s, wish me luck for tomorrow! I shall post to show exactly how it went! 

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