History in the Making

Hey NeverEver’s,

So if you are living in California I am sure you have heard about the Space Shuttle Endeavor going from LAX to the California Science Museum by way of streets. If you aren’t from around here well its happening!

But first dinner! Not only did we get to the ‘area’ of the shuttle we were all hungry. Plus it is my birthday weekend and these calories don’t count right!! 
So the family went to Sizzlers! I added the salad bar to my dinner and here there it is. Not to bad as a starter ^_^.

Then there came dinner. I got the Malibu Chicken. It was delicious although I didn’t eat as much as I used to eat when this comes out. I believe this credit can go to me getting used to eating correctly and making better decisions. 
The Hubby decided to go expensive and get some lobster. To me personally it was to ‘salty’ and since I never had lobster before I am not sure if this is the main taste or something that just happened there. The meat was perfect and right up my alley when I took, stole, bites. 
Instead of having ice cream like I usually do I went with some Cottage Cheese with Peaches and a sprinkle of Peanut Crumbs! It was really yummy and it was really delicious with those peanut crumbs. Never had it before but it added an ‘earthy’ taste to it!
Okay now time for the Main Event!
Hello Space Shuttle! At this point Toyota is doing their ‘commercial’ while towing the shuttle across the 405 Freeway bridge. 
Sorry for the gate but at the time the shuttle wasn’t moving so we had to take pictures as we could. 
And here is the last one. This one is one of my favorites just because I was able to get the name! 
Hubby and I are thinking about going back out there tomorrow morning to get some better pictures while it is going a whooping 2 Miles Per Hour! But, then again its Saturday and sleep is so very nice!
Anyways on to the Daily Stats!
Daily Stats Day 78:
I really have to stock my new office with some healthy snacks. Right now the building is full of horrible delicious snacks!
Okay NeverEver’s I am exhausted after all this history in the making! 

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