Birthday Weekend Continues

Hey NeverEver’s

Okay first this has been an amazing Friday & Saturday. Since Sunday is just starting for me I am thinking it shall be amazing too!!

On Friday I got to see the Space Shuttle Endeavor! We didn’t make it back out there in the morning so until we go see the exhibit at the California Science Museum.

Did I mention that this whole weekend is my Birthday Celebration?


Okay well I am treating this weekend as such. One day isn’t enough for me anymore ^_^.

So on Saturday I got to hang with one of my oldest friend for breakfast, UFC Fight Night for dinner (and I got to meet a MMA Fighter), and re-catch up with an old friend for a night cap party!

So best friend took me to a place called Fred 62! I had never been there but it was a pretty awesome vibe. A diner look inside and outside is a posh-ish outdoor seating. We took the outside.
Of course we had to pose for a photo! I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I thought it was gonna be hotter so I brought out my sweater dresses…well it got warm. California weather for you.
So this was breakfast. I got the ‘Love Letters’ which was french toast with apple and peach puree and topped with raisins. It was the perfect breakfast to start off the day. 
After this we headed over to the Culver Westfield Mall. Where I got the perfect Birthday Dress and Belt!
It is the perfect little black, slightly edgy, dress. I actually have never had one before so this is an even more important LBD! 
Sadly, I don’t have the photos for the UFC Fight Night because they are on my phone and I am having troubles retrieving them. I don’t have a smart phone so that might have something to do with it…
Anyways, hopefully by the end of the night I should have them transferred and I can show you all in the best post!
So on to the final event of the night. The night cap party with an old friend who we are just getting back together again. 
We both have birthdays in October. Her’s is the 16th and mine is the 15th which was one thing we loved about each other! 
Beer Pong is a lot harder then I originally thought it would be…happily we were able to drink water and not something else every time we missed a cup ^_^. 
So that was my Saturday! I did love it and I hope yours was just as good! Here are the Daily Stats!
Daily Stat Day 79:
It was all that walking to the Space Shuttle! Well worth it!!!
Daily Stats Day 80:
Since I consider Saturday my Birthday Party with friends and Birthday Calories don’t count I am not showing them! 
However, you will get a full report from today’s consumption I promise! 
Okay NeverEver’s, enjoy your Sunday Football. Lets go Packer’s for the Hubby! And of course the rest of your day! 
P.S. I might be coming home with a new car, my pretty Lancer has had a good life. So I will update you all on that!! 
Also, I was chosen to write a Review of the October Box from KLUTCHclub! I am so happy to be able to do this not only as a blogger but as a person with a fitness journey! 

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