Proud Owner of a 2013!

Hey NeverEver’s,

Sunday’s 2nd post is gonna be a little short…we have a new BIG toy to play with! A lot can happen in the 10 hours since my last post.

So here is my new baby. This is a NEW, my first new one, 2013 Hyundai Veloster! It has these ‘racing’ seats inside and its so damn comfy! 

Side view of course. Its a 3 door car instead of a 4 door, which takes some getting used to but it doesn’t effect the look of the car at all. Does 33 MPG which is GREAT considering gas over here in Cali is close to $5.00 per gallon. 
My original car a 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer treated me so well and got me where I needed to go for such a long time. I would like to offer a moment of silence for its brave sacrifice to give me this new car. 
You have been honored Lancer!
Okay on to a different topic…DINNER! I finally convinced the Hubby to take me to BJ’s Restaurant. He had a bad experience there before me and never really wanted to go back. But, finally he decided that it was time to try it again. 
So happy that was the decision!
The beer was delicious and totally seasonal, well at least mine was. I got the Pumpkin Brew which basically on the after taste was like eating a pumpkin pie. Hubby got an Amber DX. Which tasted good as well. 

Hand-Tossed Chicken Ranch Pizza. Can you say yummy and left-overs! Cause that is what this pizza was. So creamy yet not greasy. I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow ^_^!

Hubby went with the Beer Battered Shrimp. It tasted really good but it just wasn’t enough shrimp to keep me satisfied. 
But then again we hadn’t eaten since 7am, as that was when we started getting ready to go car shopping. So needless to say we were both HUNGRY!
Did I mention that we shared dessert? Nope…well it was delicious. We had this cookie ice cream hybrid. 3 different smaller cookies for the trio. 
Left to Right: Red Velvet (my favorite) Cookies and Cream (to much chocolate for me) and Macadamia (second favorite). I would recommend this dessert when you are in a group and you want to treat the group!
Okay NeverEver’s it has been a pretty emotional day all told so I shall wish you all a good night! 
See you for Weigh In Monday!

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