Birthday Wishes + Nice Surprises

Hey NeverEver’s,

Sorry for no post yesterday. The hubby planned a small get together with the family and I just wasn’t able to get to a computer.

Mainly spent the whole night giving test drives. Which I loved…and I think the cousins loved even more!

Sorry for it being all blurry. That is what I get for using an iTouch. My camera was acting funny the whole night. Might have to take it into a shop soon, I hope not though!

My wonderful parents got me this hybrid of a plant / flower. Its so BIG. I was originally thinking about taking it to the office but I don’t have space for it…plus there is no natural light so it isn’t good for the lovely plant hybrid thingy!

Also got some GREAT Birthday wishes from all my friends! So here is the giant shout-out that I promised!!

Okay so on to the great news…I need to enter a drum roll here!


Plus I went to the gym BEFORE work this morning.

All in all a good starting week! Plus I wasn’t expecting the loss!

Okay NeverEver’s, this post is short and sweet! I really wanted to share about my ‘2’ pound lost + that I went to the gym this morning!

Yay Me!

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