Too Much Snacking

Hey NeverEver’s,

Did anyone of you watch the Second Presidential Debate?

I don’t want to make this blog all about the upcoming election so I will just say this. I am happy that my generation is taking a more serious stance in this election then the one four years ago.

Okay so I am done with the politic section of the blog lets move on shall we?

Glad you agree.

Birthday Photo’s!!!

Okay just one. Now on to the MAIN issue!

So I have been recently, a week or so, been snacking WAYYY to much. Main culprit…my new job. They have so many snacks…all of which isn’t healthy.

I also haven’t been taking my lunch either. And I will admit…my choices haven’t been that healthy.

Here was lunch yesterday,

In-n-Out…In-n-Out…Thats what a hamburger is all about!
For those of you NOT in California, that is the very catchy jingle to In-N-Out. 
So I did have the Lettuce Wrapped Burger instead of having a bun but it is still more calories and money then me bring my lunch. 
Which brings me to this:
So it is a little late…I know half the month is already gone. BUT, it is never to late to make sure I am taking the correct steps to get to my goals!
Daily Stats Day 81:
Again, I wasn’t recording my food intake. To tell the truth I basically forgot most of the things I ate. Its all better by Tuesday though!
Daily Stats Day 82:
Okay NeverEver’s lets make the rest of this month full of Healthy Snacks! 
P.S. I did order that KLUTCHclub October Box to review this product! I can NOT wait to share with you all how it is!
Its like Christmas early ^_^

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