First Flue + the Quesaco

Hey NeverEver’s!
So I got my first cold of the Fall season. I should mention that it was 96 degree’s outside and I shouldn’t be sick at all. 
I am feeling TON’s better then I did yesterday afternoon. Left work early because I was not able to pay attention to my computer screen any more and that is how mistakes are made. Happily, the boss agreed with me. 
Basically just dosed up on Zinc and flu med’s plus slept…or tried to sleep in the heat…the rest of the day!
I did have dinner last night and it was one of my FAVORITE Mother in Law dish of ALL TIME! May I present the…
‘Quesaco’ otherwise known as the Quesadilla Taco. But I like my name for it better!
Here it is just being all quesdilla like. Just cheese, home made tortilla and Canola Oil fried. 

And here is it being the ‘Quesaco’! We open it up and stuff it with green or red chili (no thank you I’ll pass), lettuce and sour cream. 
I am going to be working with my Mother in Law to not only give you the original recipe but to also make the ‘Healthy’ version of it. It is going to take some trial and error in the kitchen but hopefully I can make the ‘Healthy Quesaco’ just as yummy as the original one!
Seriously, I can’t wait to try it and see what happens!
Okay so on to the Daily Stats:
Daily Stats Day 83:

Worked out in the morning! Oy Ya!

Daily Stats Day 84:

No gym in the morning with me feeling sick in the afternoon. Will be doing better then this!

Okay NeverEver’s,

I am getting ready to head to Von’s to pick up dinner for tonight! Its going to be awesome! Of course SkinnyTaste!!! Going to be the Chicken Pot Pie Soup!

I can not wait to share how it works out!

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