The Soup is Here!

Hey NeverEver’s,

So the dinner went great! Yay! Even my Father in Law, who isn’t the greatest person to have try new things liked it!

I got the idea from SkinnyTaste here Chicken Pot Pie Soup. I have always wanted to make Chicken Pot Pie but never got around to it.

Plus since my oven is broken…well there isn’t much chance of me making it until it is fixed or we get a new one.

So I was so excited to see this recipe! It was exactly what I wanted for the Fall!

And really it only took about 45 minutes to cook. I didn’t use the frozen veggies that SkinnyTaste has on hers. Also I did put a little more water, which did require more Chicken Bouillions but I wanted more slurp!

Other then those small changes I used the same thing SkinnyTaste did. Plus the best thing about this is…for 1 cup its only 169.2 calories!

Yummy and Healthy!

Of course I am having some of the left overs for lunch today!

Daily Stats:

The soup fired me up so much that I just HAD to take a walk! It made me want to be healthy ^_^

Okay NeverEver’s, I hope you have a great weekend ahead! Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday!!

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