Sunday Fun Day: Cooking Galore!

Hey NeverEver’s!
Happy Sunday Fun Day!!! I hope you have all had an amazing weekend! 
Its been a quite weekend for the Hubby and I, or at least yesterday was. It was rainy and cold and just lovely! 
Don’t those clouds look lovely!
Personally, I love it when its cold outside. Not only can I actually dress to the weather, unlike Summer where there is only so much you can take off (thank goodness). 
Its perfect for snuggling up in a comfy blanket, or a newly given purple robe (thanks again in-laws), and reading some books! Speaking about reading, I went on a small buying spree on B&N for my Nook. It seemed to be a biography / history books this week. I am looking forward to this book the most!
It is the book about Hatshepsut, who was Egypt’s first female pharaoh. I have always been extremely interested in Egypt and its history. Can’t wait to see how the book is!
So, as it was a cold day Hubby and I decided to head to Fresh & Easy and get some supplies for the cold weather.  

My soup of the day was from SkinnyTaste, she has amazing recipes, and I chose the Beef, Potato & Quinoa Soup. Never had Quinoa before, but I hear lots of good things about it.

Quinoa has High Protein, has all 9 essential amino acids and it is gluten free. So it was on my list of things to try and I was finally able to do so!

As you can see we also picked up some beer. Fresh & Easy has some brands that we never seen before and I was in an experimenting mood! So they were impossible to pass up.

My beer of choice was the Bohemia. It is a Mexican beer that was smooth going down and had a pleasant aftertaste. Not what I usually go for, Bluemoon / ShockTop, but it was an easy going beer that is perfect for that mood of ‘I want a beer but nothing heavy’.

Hubby’s beer of choice was called BumbleBee ‘Golden Ale’. BumbleBee did have MANY other tastes but Hubby choose the ‘Golden Ale’. Now this one for me was the type of beer I go for! It was powerful going down and had a delicious hop aftertaste!

For me beer is like wine to some people. There is always a beer that will go good with what you are cooking. And each one has a unique flavor and taste! So good, of course in moderation!

On to the soup! It was delicious! Only 309 calories and it is super filling! The beef was so tender and with the scallions, thank you again Hubby for getting that after I forgot, gave it the South American feel to it just like it was supposed to!

Now the quinoa wasn’t really that noticeable. Not to say it was bad but I would consider it more of a ‘filler’ then anything else. At least in this soup!

Okay on to Sunday Morning! I was planning this since Saturday night and it came out delicious!

Steak and Egg’s for Breakfast! Now I never made this before, but I knew it wasn’t hard. I used lean steak with California golden potatoes instead of hash browns. Personally, I thought they were better and healthier plus easier to make then hash browns. 

Now these eggs are what I am the HAPPIEST about. I have NEVER EVER done sunnyside up eggs. Somehow they always turned into scrambled! So the fact that I have proof, and it was delicious, that it has been done has made my day!

So the breakfast was a hit with the hubby! It was a little more filling then I thought it would be so this great breakfast will be keeping us full for most of the day!

Okay so it is Sunday Football. I am gonna start watching that now.

I would love to see another victory for my Saints!

Hey NeverEver’s, have you ever made something in the kitchen that you thought you couldn’t? What is your favorite breakfast to have?

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