Daily Stats & Offered to be Guest Blogger

Hey NeverEver’s,

I just realized that I didn’t include the Daily Stats on Sunday’s post. Oop’s! Sorry everyone! Not that is was that great really…had one to make desserts.

But it is extremely important to me! I am sharing my weight loss journey here on this blog which means I am sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. I am in no way perfect nor do I have this Healthy Life figured out. However, I do feel that I am gaining my balance and am striving to show that here.

Hopefully, some of you follow me on either Facebook or Twitter, even if you don’t say that you do for me ^_^. But, if you do follow me you say this little nugget of info

Now with BodyMedia, you can customize your stats to help you reach the goal you want! I picked this one which is:

Daily Burn Goal: 2500
Daily Calorie Consumption Goal: 1500
Weekly Pound Lost Goal: 2
Starting Weight: 203
Ending Weight: 125

That really isn’t anything new on my ‘goals’ for weight loss. But what really surprised me was the Goal Weight date…which was 7/22/2013.

To me that isn’t far away…I thought it had made a mistake. I even did the math myself (I really really don’t like math) but it was correct! By sticking to this plan I will be at my Goal Weight of 125 in July! I am looking forward to making this into a reality!

Now on to my missed Daily Stats!

Daily Stat Day 86:

Hubby and I went out on Friday Night to head over to Islands Burgers. Very yummy…not so calorie friendly!

Daily Stats Day 87:

Saturday was a completely lazy day, with a surprise trip to Fresh & Easy to get some supplies for the soups! Not to disappointed in this day to tell the truth!

Daily Stats Day 88:

Sunday…well after the post was made Hubby and I went to go see Paranormal 4 (which was awesome and horrible all at the same time!) plus stop over at BJ’s (pizza which was yummy, but I forgot the leftover’s there) to watch the last of the NL games. So, as you can see BJ’s is worse than Islands!

Okay so Monday was a new day! Went to the gym after work, mainly cause I was stressing from some family drama, but hey I wasn’t by the time I got out of the gym!

Plus, I got requested to do a post as a Guest Blogger! I am extremely excited about this opportunity and am doing a little freak out about it to.

Can’t wait to share more with you all about it as well!

Okay NeverEver’s, I have to finish some laundry (yay) so see you all tomorrow!

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