Short and Sweet…I am tired

Hey NeverEver’s!

This is going to be a short post, I am sooo sleepy!

Also very happy with myself as well. Main reason why…I got up in the MORNING and went to the gym. Yes I was 20 minutes later then I wanted to be…but I worked out before heading to work.

It felt AMAZING!

However, after 10+ hours of being awake…my workout high is crashing. So before I completely crash here is my Daily Stats and promises for next post!

Look at what happens when you have some family drama and go to the gym after work. A Big CALORIE BURN!

It just shows that bad or annoying things happen you CAN turn it into something good!

Okay, so as for tomorrow’s post…well you get Sunday’s Night Dinner, Lunch / Snack for Tuesday and Tuesday’s Night Dinner.

Plus the biggest news. I have been accepted to write a post as a Guest Blogger for FitKit Blog. Which is an awesome community that tackles, weight loss, eating right, exercises and healthy living topics.

I have already picked my topic so stay tuned for a link! Yay so excited!

Good Night NeverEver’s!

Have you ever written a guest post before, if you have any advise for me? How long does your workout ‘high’ last?

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