Updates, Updates, Read All About Them

Hey NeverEver’s,
Does it ever feel like there isn’t enough time in a day? Yaa I have been feeling like that for this week. Was SUPER  sleepy yesterday and today I sleep past my ‘Workout’ alarm and right into the ‘Get up or you’ll be late for work’ alarm. Which was almost slept through as well.
So I am really feeling the time crunch today. But, I am looking forward to posting this, I know silly things make me happy, plus I have my gym bag ready to go after work! 
My step to make sure I get there after work and not home…get dressed at work! That way your workout clothes vibe sinks in and you get there to the gym. At least it works for me!
Okay so here are the promised pictures! 
Sunday Night’s Dinner which came from SkinnyTaste Chicken & Cavatelli Soup. I am not sure what ‘Cavatelli’ is, I do know that I just used a normal noodle for my soup. So I think it turned out more ‘Chicken Noodle’ then ‘Chicken & Cavatelli’ but it was delicious all the same! 
Next time I have to find this ‘Cavatelli’ and try it out with that!
On to Tuesday! Yes I know I am skipping Monday, but I don’t have pictures for Monday. Anyways, I finally broke down and purchased the Starbucks VIA things. My verdict…I LOVE IT! Makes a delicious Very Berry Hibicus, without the long lines and the gas wasted. 
If you have a favorite Starbucks flavor that is available with the VIA…get it! 
Now what I am MOST happy with is that I have finally brought my own snacks. I was saying here, that I was snacking way to many things in the office. All very bad healthwise. So, there are my almonds!
Tuesday’s Lunch! It is the same soup that I did for Sunday’s night dinner. But, the noodles sucked up all the water. I actually had to add some more while warming it up! 
Now it was just as good the 2nd time as the 1st time. Thanks again SkinnyTaste!

Now last nights dinner was a little different. First I got it off of Eat Live Run. Which is an amazing blog who’s author, Jenna just wrote a book called White Jacket Required. A GREAT book
So the chicken is called 30 Minute Lemon Brown Sugar Chicken! It is the first time I have ever cooked something off of Jenna’s blog and it tasted great! I was thinking it would be a little sweeter then it was but it hit it right in the middle!
My stove is still down so I am using my little toaster oven. I can not wait to get my stove replaced. Should be happening soon!!

What chicken wouldn’t be complete without some FIVE cheese tortellini! I should mention that this is also wheat pasta, which makes it even yummier in my book!

The finished product! As I said the chicken was yummy, zesty with lemon but sweet with the brown sugar! Something that I will be having or making again!

So I have some things happening here! Yay for things happening!!

I am going to Pamper Me Fabulous on November 11. I can not wait to share with you the fitness classes, the booths and samples that they are offering! More info about that coming soon!

I just got the tracking # for KLUTCHclub October Box! It should be here soon and all the goodies will be shared!

Also, I am doing a Guest Post for FitKit Community, which is something that NEEDS to be checked out!

Finally, (I know long list) I will be taking part of the Around The Plate November 10 Day Challenge. Which is (drum roll please)…10 whole days of eating at home.
No eating out at all. This includes, vending machines, work snacks, forgot lunches or anything else that doesn’t come from home.

As I have been having an issue with too much eating out I am really looking forward to this challenge! It starts on November 5th! So come join me!

Okay NeverEver’s, I swear that is all for today! See you all tomorrow!

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