What I Ate Thursday – First Time

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today has been crazy…then it was dead quite. Not sure which one got me more worked up though.

So to have a little fun today, and since I have never done this, I am trying to do a ‘What I Ate’ type day!

Yay for me for trying new things!

But first…my CUTE (no laughing) workout clothes from yesterday! Don’t you just LOVE how I rock my Orange and Blue!

But like I said…I get to the gym after work more often if I am already dressed for the part!

Okay so first is Breakfast!

This is something that my Mother in Law makes during the Fall. It is basically a tomato soup with small noodles.

However, if you add this to it

You get this! It is a yummy, not to hot – not to cold, type of meal perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

So a later snack was just the rest of the banana. It was pretty good even without the soup around it.

Lunch was left overs from yesterday nights cooking. I actually didn’t have any last night as the banana pasta soup filled me up. So I made sure that I grabbed enough for Lunch today!

I also had some left over Peanut M&M’s that a co-worker gave me. There was only 6 left so I felt…why not!

But they were also gone before a picture could be taken.

I blame their bright colors…they are so yummy!

So I can’t show you dinner yet…mainly because I am going to be cooking it soon. Pic’s will be coming tomorrow. BUT, I can show you what I will be making!

Plus here are all the ingredients!

Here is the link for the yummy looking dinner! SkinnyTaste. Lets hope mine look just as good as Gina’s!

Okay NeverEver’s…I have to say that I am pretty happy with myself on keeping to my goals!

1. Brought my lunch to work 4 out of 5 days – CHECK
2. Got to the gym in the morning before work – Partial Check…BUT…I didn’t go in the morning I would go after work
3. Make dinner 3 nights out of the week – CHECK – Tonight Counts!
4. Get some Healthy ‘treat’ choices for Halloween – I haven’t even looked or thought about this one…No Check for me

I am also really looking forward to the AroundThePlate  November Challenge. I am already thinking about some crockpot meals that I can do…and things for the weekend.

Have to admit at this point I think the weekend is going to be the hardest part of this Challenge. No eating out on a weekend? Its never been done before!

Can’t wait! I also hope some of you join me for this as well. I will be posting all about it on November 1st in a dedicated post all about it!

Okay I have to get back to cooking or my family is gonna starve…or so they tell me!

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