Monthly Self Magazine Stand Outs!

Hey NeverEver’s,

I know I know I am EXTREMELY late with this post. Not sure what happened but it happened.

So this is Self Magazine November Issue with Nina Dobrev as the Cover Star, and it has some great things in it. Here are the Top 10 that stood out for me!

  1. First on the Cover Star Nina Dobrev – Yoga seems to be her thing. To her Yoga is a perfect toner and leaner. For a Clear Head she goes to Downward Dog and for a Happy Mood the Savasana is the one for her!
  2. I personally love the November Moves! Have Wall. Get Fit. Great moves and they just require a ‘Wall’. We all have a ‘Wall’ somewhere in the house or gym!
  3. Walking outdoors in the country or near the coast makes you more relaxed and happier then hitting the pavement in the city a study by Natural England. 
  4. The Rowing Machine has now got its own class called ‘Shockwave’ in Equinox gyms! Finally my favorite machine is getting some love!
  5. You have to check out the Self’s Vacation Madness pages! They have stays for ‘Fit-Cations’, Water Bound, Yoga, Golf and my personal favorite nature in Alaska! Some are a little pricey (saving is possible), and others are just right for a weekend warrior! 
  6. Can you squeeze in 15 min’s for twice a week? Good then hit the weights for that time to keep your muscles toned and you metabolism running high!
  7. Eating a salad most of the time? Don’t eat it bare, apparently you may not be absorbing the veggies nutrients if you do. Try drizzling some Olive or Canola oil based vinaigrette’s so you can absorb the good stuff. Study is from Purdue Univ. 
  8. There is are several interesting articles in this Month’s Self. There is one on the effects of ‘Pot’ and’Buying a Gun and the Pro’s and Con’s of that decision. Well worth the read, even if you feel confident on your decision on these explosive, pun intended, topics!
Turkey Dinner is coming! Here were some of the Tips that stood out to me to make it a slimmer, yet yummy, plate!
  • When it comes to the turkey don’t eat the ‘wing’ of the bird. The Wing has nearly twice the amount of saturated fat.
  • Pile on the veggies first on your plate so you have less room for the carbs!
  • Watch out for mashed potatoes. They are easy to over eat as there is no cutting or chewing.
  • Pie Chart ahead – Pumpkin Wins at 316 calories, Apple is around 411 calories and Pecan (my favorite) is a whopping 503 calories!

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