Sunday Fun Day – Playing Catch Up

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you have all had a great ‘Halloween’ Weekend! Sadly, there was no parties for me this weekend. Not sure what was going on but this year was a quite Halloween. Oh well, there is always dressing up for work on Wednesday (I am thinking 80’s) and next year to party it up!

So I was looking at all my posts and I just noticed that I haven’t done my Daily Stats since Tuesday‘s Post…which was Monday’s Stats. What happened this week? I am not sure but let us catch up!

Daily Stats Day 90:

So quick review on Tuesday’s Food! I tried a wonderful recipe off of Eat, Live, Run, which was the 30 minute lemon brown sugar chicken!

It was so sweet yet lemon-y tart it became a favorite here in this household!

I did do a ‘Calorie Counter’ for it…well because I didn’t know what it was. As a side note, I did use Wheat Flour not While.

 Not upset with these food stats at all. It was a delicious chicken!

Okay on to Wednesday’s Daily Stats!

Daily Stats Day 91:

Wednesday was a quite day. Some family came over and Mother in Law made her tomato noodle soup. Which we all added bananas to!

Daily Stats Day 92:

Thursday was fun. It was the first time I have ever done a ‘What I Ate’ post and I made a delicious dinner. Thank you again SkinnyTaste! Sadly my picture looked nothing like Gina’s…but I am willing to bet it tasted just as yummy! Which in the end is what counts.

It was also family approved, and basically eaten, before I could get any good photos. Hubby and I invited his sister and her boyfriend over for dinner. So it was a loud and happy night!

Daily Stats Day 93:

Just a normal Friday after work for me today. Hubby had some allergies so he wanted a night in.

Daily Stats Day 94:

Saturday was a fun day. First we get woken up by the owners of the house, we live in a duplex, saying that they were going to change our windows to more energy efficient ones.

I am ALL for older houses going green…however, not when its 8 in the morning on a Saturday.

Good bye old windows I knew thee well! Good bye window bars…I shall not miss you at all.

Okay so after we were awakened and out of the house, after covering all the appliances and such in the house. Hubby and I went stove shopping! Yay!!!!

We have found a possible winner. It is KitchenAid 2 oven stove for about $1400. At Sears it was $2000 but at BestBuys it was $1400. Still need to check out Lowe’s but I think we have a winner!

Never had a double stove before, so I am pretty excited for this new thing to be in my kitchen!

So after all that shopping Hubby and I were getting hungry so we stopped by Hubby’s favorite place in the world…

Islands! They have this new, very delicious, Ocktoberfest Beer. It went well with my Guacamole burger! Hubby got the Golden Ale, which is a stable on their tap.

The Burger was delicious! I really have never had a better Guac burger then when I come here. So after dinner we went over to the movies to watch Silent Hill in 3D.

I had goosebumps throughout the whole movie. But, as a gamer I just wanted to come home and play the game to see where the movie went wrong…I might be playing it after I finish with all my blogging business!

Okay NeverEver’s! We are finally caught up on the Daily Stats! I really never want to be this far behind on those things again and I am sorry it happened this time!

I hope you have all checked out my Guest Post  for FitKit! I have been invited to do this once a month, which I am so happy about!

On to work on the Magazine Stand Outs! (I know I am extremely late on this one). Also just one more thing…

It came in! My KLUTCHclub October box! Here was all that was in it! Can not wait to share with you how everything in the box goes!

Okay so I did lie a little bit…that wasn’t the last of it. Tonight is my game!

Lets go Saints! Who Dat!!

Now its the end. Sorry for the really long post…it will teach me never to play catch up again!

Have a great rest of your Sunday NeverEver’s! Let me know what you think of my Guest Post for FitKit and the KLUTCHclub goodie bag!

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