My first Pumpkin — Anything

Hey NeverEver’s!
I hope you are all having a GREAT Monday! Not sure how it will be later but so far it has been a great Monday for me!
Okay, so I wanted to share with you my first Pumpkin Tasting! I have never had pumpkin anything before. At least as far as I can remember. 
So, for Sunday Morning…I made Pumpkin Pancakes!

So here they are all stacked up! I can never make like the small golden stacks you see everywhere! But they were delicious!

Each family member got 2 ‘large’ pancakes and I set out the toppings of choice. For my Hubby and his Mother, they choose the caramel topping. For my Father in Law he wanted the strawberry preserve  and for me well I just went with the syrup! – Why mess with a good thing?

I was a little worried with the Pumpkin Pancake looking so ‘burnt’ but it was the pumpkin making it that dark, not me leaving it in the skillet to long!

Also, this is the first time I have ever done, or eaten for that matter, something pumpkin. I have no idea why but I had in my head that pumpkin tasted ‘nasty’ and wasn’t something I wanted.

So to get over that I made something with pumpkin in it! I don’t ever remember having pumpkin before so it was important to me to understand why I didn’t like it.

Well I ended up LOVING it! I will probably not be a pumpkin fanatic but now I know that I can have something ‘Pumpkin’ and not keel over and die! Yay for experiencing new things!

So there is my Pumpkin story.

Have you guys ever thought something was ‘nasty’ or ‘bad tasting’ only to try it out and it wasn’t? 

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