Shape Magazine Monthly Stand Outs

Hey NeverEver’s

Alicia here with the November Shape Stand Outs with Pink on the Cover.

First off I love her tattoo of the dragon. Very nice looking!

Okay on to what stood out for me this month!

  1. Right when I open up the magazine I am hit by a workout. An ‘Away from home’ workout! Have to love the ‘Wobbly Touchdown’ plus all these moves require nothing more then whats available in your hotel or parents house! 
  2. Pink’s ‘5 Moves to Fab Ab’s’ workout is a hitter! I am going to be adding it to my AB day!
  3. Have a Desk Job? You need to check out the 3 exercises on ‘Build a Better Workout’ Bonus Plan. 
  4. Turkey Tips! Don’t thaw a ‘frozen’ turkey on your counter top! You need to defrost the turkey with the wrapper in the fridge! You should also allow 1 day for every 4 to 5 pounds, and cook within 2 days of de-frosting it!
  5. You flying this holiday season? You might get into a layover, so at these Airports are promoting activity!
    1. At the San Fran Airport hosts a low key YOGA room. It is a free place to stretch and get your OHM on!
    2. The Chicago O’Hare offers access to the Hilton Hotel Fitness Room! Only $15 for a day. 
    3. Dallas / FortWorth Airport has a LiveWell Walking Path, you can log nearly a mile + two 55 foot high staircases and you end up at a yoga studio!
    4. Baltimore/Washington Airport offer an area for cyclists to take their bikes for a spin on their 11 mile outside the terminal. Don’t have a bike? You can walk / hike the path!
  6. Did you know that a Steering Wheel can have up to 1,000 bacteria per square inch!
  7. Holidays got you stressed? Try some of these tips!
    1. Cook like a Zen Master – Smell your those herbs and your cooking. 
    2. Hide Your SmartPhone! 
    3. Cheese it – Rough Day? Instead of reaching for the cookies try reaching for a piece of cheese w/ some fruit!
    4. Nap! My personal favorite…take a rest!
I think I am ready for the Holidays!

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