Halloween KLUTCHclub Review


Today’s post will be in orange! Don’t ya just love my 80’s ish hair? I thought it would be easier to actually do then it was. My arms had a mini workout. All that pulling and fluffing! Not sure how people survived it for a whole decade!?!?!

Tell the truth I had this costume in the back of my mind for a while. I wanted something I could work in and that I didn’t have to spend $60+ for a one day outfit. 

Sorry for all the mess…Hubby had already left for work and I only had a mirror to work with ^_^

Sadly, my work doesn’t believe in dressing up…but I have a WHOLE ANOTHER YEAR to wear these people down! Next year…everyone in costumes!

Breakfast…I just really wanted a Skinny Jasmine Green Tea from Coffee Bean! It is so smooth and good, couldn’t pass it up.

But I was hungry and really wanted to stay away from all the sweets, the butter croissant was really calling my name! So I am trying the Umpqua Oats ‘Kick Start’! 

It is delicious! 

I actually am searching to see if I can get it as retail outside of Coffee Bean. 

Okay so before I get into my Daily Stats (I know I am behind) I wanted to share with you some of the awesome things from the ‘October Box’ of KLUTCHclub! Which I talked about here at the end. I am very excited to be even using these things!

Here it is in all its glory! 

So I have tired…and LOVED the Yurbuds! So far it has survived 3 llloooonnnngggg walks in and around my park without so much as a fall out! 


I got ‘3’ of these Bites called Good Greens. Now they are good covered with dark chocolate, and either coconut, peanut butter and raspberry. 

Those are the flavors I got. Have to say, I was loving the raspberry and peanut butter (shown) better then the coconut. But, that is because I really do not like coconut. 

The chocolate is delicious and its filled with 30 vitamins and minerals that ONLY add up to 50 calories! 

One of my favorite in this whole box is the natural black eyeliner called Devita Skin Care! I mean not only is it made out of natural make-up awesomeness BUT it also has

Okay so it is a little blurry BUT its a sharpener…attached to the cap! I mean how genius is that? Its totally genius…like sliced bread genius!

So there is a BUNCH of other things in my box of goodies, however, they haven’t been used yet…plans for tonight. 

We will continue this TOMORROW! 

Thank you KLUTCHclub for this awesome box! 

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