KLUTCHclub Review Finished

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to November…you made it to the start of the Holiday Season? Dreading or looking forward to it? Personally, I am looking forward to it!

So like I promised here is the rest of the KLUTCHclub review! I got to play with more things! Have to admit…it was a lot of fun having this box!

Here is the beginning of the KLUTCHclub Review!

First off this time is the Acai Natural Energy!

I do not have a picture of it, because it went in my stomach way to fast ^_^. So I actually tried this yesterday during lunch as my energy was dragging. It did taste good, I was actually surprised because I expected…well I am not really sure, but it was good!

Also, I had the energy to make it through traffic + make dinner so I call that a success!

Secondly, is the HungerShield.

 Now usually I am extremely ‘skeptic’ of these things. I don’t really ever believe it will work, mainly cause it didn’t in the past. BUT, I was in a rush this morning and wasn’t able to get my breakfast. I did have the hungershield and a water bottle.

So I used it and it took the hunger away. That was around 6am and I am still going strong, which is more then I can say for that bagel I sometimes get.

Thirdly is my personal favorite the Omega3 Squeeze!

I have tried to take vitamins I know they are good for you but I just can never seem to keep it up…much like the gym ^_^.
But, these squeezes are so easy to use and add. Additional point, it doesn’t taste fish-y! You know what I am talking about…those pills taste fish-y, but this doesn’t!

So major thumbs up for this!

Now on to KLUTCHclub itself!

KLUTCHclub is a company that sends out monthly boxes that have products of the best Health, Wellness and Fitness right to your front door. Nothing can be easier then that, can it?

There are new boxes every month for both MEN and WOMEN! Each are unique and have very awesome, if I do say so myself, items!

Did I mention that you can buy these Monthly Boxes as gifts? And the Holiday Season is right around the corner.

For 1 month it is only $18 a box
For 3 months it is only $$17 a box
For 1 Year it is only $16 a box

and like I showed you for the October Box…I got Yurbuds! Which is amazing for working out…or even just jamming in the office!

I have been honored to work with them and all the reviews are my own, I didn’t get paid for this, I don’t get special treats for rating things positive. If I didn’t like anything I was fully able to say ‘Nope not for me’ but I did like everything.

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