November’s Challenge – Its a GO!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to November! Are you guys ready for it? I can’t believe that we only have 2 more months of this year, it seems to have gone by so fast. At least it has for me.

I do have many, MANY, things to be thankful for this year and I would like to take a moment to just share them!

  • I of course have my health…and I finally, and in all seriousness, started my weight loss journey. After years of just getting by. 
  • Have to say that I am extremely grateful about my new job (first half of the post ^_^). It has been wonderful working with my co-workers and just having a steady place to go to!
  • Of course I have to admit my Hyundai Veloster was an awesome addition for this year. Just knowing that I can get a new car! Plus, it still has that new car smell! Double Score ^_^
  • One of the most things I am happy about is that this blog, my corner of the cyber space, that I can share my life with all of you! 
I am sure that my list can go on…and on…and on, but there are a few other things that I want to share with you! 
So first off is my NOVEMBER GOALS! 
Yup I am still working on the ‘getting up early’ part of my goal. But, hey its a new month and a new beginning! 
Personally, I am big on making sure that I have the ‘major’ dinners…i.e Thanksgiving, Christmas & Birthdays, planned WAAYYYY before the event comes up. But, this year I might be making Thanksgiving with some family members in Las Vegas so I really want to make sure I am ready for it. Either for it here in Los Angeles or Las Vegas. 
Okay so about the @Aroundtheplate Challenege!
I have thought really hard about this challenge before I decided to actually join it. Having the normal thoughts 
‘Can I really handle 10 days of no eating out?’, ‘What will my family think about this?’, ‘Can I plan ahead enough for this & still take things for lunch?’
However, in the end…it was those questions that decided me on joining it. I want to be able to cook! Plus, I want to see what type of changes a ‘home cooked diet’ can do compared to an ‘eating out on the weekends’ does. 
I do plan to have a ‘before’ & ‘after’ challenge post to see if there is any difference in doing home cooked meals ALL the time. Never done it before so its gonna be interesting! 
So this weekend I will be sharing with you my meal plans once I actually plan them. If you have some recipes that you would like me try (willing to be a tester ^_^) share them with me! 
Wanna join? Leave me a comment or use the twitter hashtag #eatathomechallenge from November 5th to November 15th! 
Well, I am off to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to my Father in Law. Pics will be coming soon ^_^

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