Ribs and Birthdays + Challenge Ready!

Happy Friday NeverEver’s! 
First I have to say that I hope everyone that was touched by Sandy has come through it all together with family and friends by their side. 
If you feel like you would like to help, no NO pressure, please feel free to click on the Red Cross Disaster Relief. Now there are SEVERAL other ways to donate but I have always chosen the Red Cross. 
Okay now on to FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! Or actually all about Thursday on Fridays post ^_^
It was my Father in Law’s birthday on 11/1 so the family all decided to get together and have a small gathering. I cooked dinner, Hubby provided cake, and well my Father in law provided the entertainment, in a good way!
First off dinner! 

Not sure if you remember but I was posting here, that I was slow cooking ribs. That is really the only way I have ever cooked them. But, it was the FIRST time I actually wasn’t here the whole day while it was cooking and had to rely on the family to turn them.

But they turned out DELICIOUS and of course Family Approved!

However, my chosen side dish (rice with BBQ seasoning, didn’t turn out right so happily the family did a qick trip to KFC and picked put some other sides, and + food for the late comers!

All singing the Happy Birthday song with his medium ‘Fruit’ cake. The whole family loves these things, but personally it isn’t sweet enough for me. If I am gonna have cake…I want it sweet!

The family playing around with noise makers. Not sure where they came from…or where they are now (hopefully the trash) but it was loud and hopping last night!

And of course the Latin (or maybe just Mexican I am NOT sure) tradition of ‘biting the cake’. Which the whole family then shoves said cake on to your face. All in the name of family ^_^. Here the youngest, Marlem, and the oldest, Grandma, is getting into the action!

Of course there is the after effects of cake dunking…having your face look like a clown is one of the possible side effects. However, it was the first time I have seen this particular side effect…and I do hope to be able to capture it again. 
All in all it was a wonderful time with the family, in which we had way to many laughs and a little to much coffee with the cake. 

Okay on to the Daily Stats!

Daily Stats Day 97:

Remember those delicious burgers? Well the family is wanting more of them! I am a Success…actually its all PB & Peppers Jennifer!\

Daily Stats Day 98:

It was a slow day, at least until the family arrived ^_~. I am not sure why but cooking seems to make me less hungry. I am thinking its a good thing!

Okay, so I wanted to let you guys know that I was able to work with @ChallengeLoop, well actually they e-mailed me because they are AWESOME! But we now have an OPEN challenge for #eatathomechallenge!

Check it out #EatAtHomeChallenge! I am so excited for this to start and this weekend I am getting into planning mode! Will be sharing with you all what the 5th through the 15th will have in store for me on Sunday!

So NeverEver’s, join us for the challenge on @ChallengeLoop and don’t forget to keep checking out @AroundthePlate for the updates from there as well. They are also going to have 10 days of posts about the different challenges that this ‘challenge’ has given to us.

Can’t wait to see you all there and doing this challenge! Have a good weekend NeverEver’s!

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