Eat at home Challenge Meal Plan – Day 1 – 6

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend! I know for me it has been a little of a ‘lazy’ weekend. Really didn’t want to get outta bed yesterday.

But finally I got up and we took my in-laws to see the stove Hubby and I was looking at to get their opinion, since I am not the only one who will be cooking on it ^_^.

Yup its a Double Oven, 5 Burner Beauty! I am so happy with this purchase it really made the rest of my year.

I should be getting it installed sometime on Monday and it is being broken in Monday night.

Which brings me to the main part of this post!

I have really looked into the recipes that I wanted to try out. Nothing to difficult or time consuming as I do work and have an hour in traffic before being home.

So here is my Meal Plan!

Monday Breakfast:

  • Home Made Fruit Smoothie with Protein Powder
Monday Lunch: 
  • (As I didn’t cook this weekend) Turkey Sandwich 
Monday Dinner: 
Tuesday Breakfast:

  • English Muffin Bread w/ PB, Banana’s & Chia Seeds – a SweetToothSweetLife’s breakfast stable that I have been meaning to try!
Tuesday Lunch:
  • I am hoping for some left over ‘Ranch Burger’ then that if no left overs a Ham Sandwich!
Tuesday Dinner:
  • Taco Lettuce Wraps a Fitnessista creation! However, for my family I am using chicken instead of Tempeh. I don’t want to umm scare my family to much ^_^.
Wednesday Breakfast:
  • English Muffin Bread w/ PB, Banana’s & Chia Seeds!
Wednesday Lunch:
  • Left over Taco Lettuce Wraps! 
Wednesday Dinner: Okay so this day is gonna be different! My Family is in town and I am also giving a small B-day party ^_~
Thursday Breakfast:
  • Home Fruit Smoothie w/ Protein Powder
Thursday Lunch:
  • Seriously hoping for left overs w/ Pork Chops! However, if not possible Ham Sandwich w/ some White Choco Cake Bars ^_^
Thursday Dinner:
Friday Breakfast:
  • English Muffin Bread w/ PB, Banana’s & Chia Seeds
Friday Lunch:
  • Left over’s for te Turkey Cranberry & Pear Panini! 
Friday Dinner:
Saturday Breakfast:
  • Fresh & Easy Pumpkin Pancake
Saturday Lunch:
Saturday Dinner:
Okay made it all the way to Saturday. Sunday will probably be filled with Left Overs but we shall see! 
So I am ready…or at least as ready as I will ever be. Not to go purchase the supplies needed. 

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