Eat at Home Challenge – Day 1

Hey NeverEver’s,

So today has been an interesting day…and some of it in not a good way. I wanna do the good things first of course so here they are!

 My stove came in!!! I am so happy with this baby…and the first meal I made on it was the Delicious Ranch Burgers! Yes I would have loved to use the oven…but I wasn’t sure if I would have time when it came in to make something there.

But the stove came in and that is ALL that matters right here ^_^!

Okay on to my Challenge and the not good part of my day…

The not good part was that I was at home sick the whole day. Not cool at all, and I think I had a stomach virus. Happily I am feeling TONS better but I still don’t like not being able to go to work.

So besides being under the weather I did follow my meal plan for Monday! Well except for Breakfast. I decided to try a half bagel w/ peanut butter and banana!

I actually think this is what helped with my upset stomach. I used a multi grain bagel which tasted very good!

On to lunch I once again turned to breads with a little meat. I had made this the night before so I would take it to work…but I ate it at home instead!

A yummy sandwich which (not sure if that is a pun or not ^_^) is simple but filling. I did cut my tomato pieces a little large but I am trying to make sure I eat them so why not getting all the good stuff in one bigger serving!

Dinner was just as yummy as the first time with the Ranch Burgers. This time however, I used normal buns, mainly cause I couldn’t find the english muffin ones to save my life…but that is a different story!

Cooking the patties on my new stove. Yes I am still gushing! I do have to say I like making smaller patties then the large ones. I feel like they are just juicer. Maybe its just me though.

Oh I was finally able to blur one of the hamburgers and show the other one! I am so happy that my camera pictures are getting better…or maybe I just think they are. What do you guys think?

Anyways, the burgers were just as good as before. It has really become a staple in this family. A healthy staple at that!

So I didn’t get around to weighing myself today. It appears that a stomach flu really gets you stuck in one place.

I do plan to hit the gym tomorrow. I am thinking some light cardio and a weigh in is in order.

My reasoning for wanting the gym…besides the obvious reasons? Well I want to see what this challenge does for me.

How it is effecting my Bank Account, My Waist Line and how I Feel during these 10 days.

I can at least tell you how much I spent for 6 days worth of food. Total Spending: $80

To me that isn’t bad. I had most of the spices and other staples in my fridge, which is always a plus, and I am baking a simi cake for Wednesday. So that won’t always be on my list of things to ‘purchase’ but I do believe all in all it wasn’t a bad price for everything.

Thank you Fresh and Easy!

@AroundthePlate has created its home page for this Challenge. Make sure you all visit the site as it has good ideas, new topics and others doing the challenge with us!

Don’t forget you can join the challenge here as well @ChallengeLoop – EatAtHomeChallenge

I hope you have all day a great Day 1 and I will see you all tomorrow ^_^!

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