#EatAtHomeChallenge – Day 2

Hey NeverEver’s!

Hope you have all had a GREAT Tuesday! Mine was busy, busy, busy!

A small political issue…if you are here in the USA I do hope that you got your voice heard in the polls. Really, I am not saying who to vote for but I do believe that it is extremely important to go out there and vote.

Okay I am done!

Now on to the good stuff!

Also, finally tried the ‘Perrier’ finally. Never really had it before…wasn’t sure what to expect but I liked it. It was bubbly water. It took my ‘soda’ want from me which is always a good thing!

Ranch Burgers hit again! It was a great re-warm up for lunch w/ some low fat cottage cheese and strawberries! I was completely full no need or WANT to hit up the pantry at work! Success!

So the plan was to make Chicken Lettuce Tacos. They were to have mushrooms, chicken, onions, lettuce and low fat cheese.

Now I am not saying it wasn’t good…it was just missing something. I am not sure what…but it was missing something.Have any ideas what it could be? Cause I don’t!

Also, I have no idea how the chef’s get their lettuce so round…it is extremely hard! So more power to all of you!

My little lettuce taco. More like lettuce wraps but it was eaten all up. I barely have enough for lunch tomorrow. Which of course makes me feel great! Even though it was missing that ‘something’!

I might be working Over Time tomorrow so I decided to get a head start on some of the things I needed for tomorrows dinner!

So far the White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bars are finished and are currently cooling on the kitchen table.

Also the Cranberry Apple Butter is also finished and cooling in the fridge. It was smelling so good! I wish I could let you all smell how wonderful it is! Alas…the computer geniuses out there hasn’t invented it (that I know of) so make it yourself okay! It is totally worth it!

Sad news…at least for me, I didn’t get to the gym today. Wasn’t home until after 7 pm, over time to help co-workers) and then I went straight to work in the kitchen. Have to say that the last part of that sentence is super weird for me to say.
Never been much of a cooker so this is all unique to me. Good thing I like unique!

Okay NeverEver’s, I am super tired. Combined with Over Time, a little left over stomach issues, and playing with my new stove I am ready to hit the sack!

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