#EatAtHomeChallenge Day 5

Hey NeverEver’s!

So we finally made it to the weekend! Yay for us…well for me to cause it was harder and yet easier in some aspects then I thought it would be.

I know that I am a day late, but as I haven’t eaten anything yet this brisk Saturday morning, I decided to post about Friday.

So Friday Day 5!

Breakfast was some left over White Chocolate Cake Cookie and Coffee!

It was very delicious! Actually that is about all I can say about it. It really makes me want to make another batch! That good, but because it is a sweet I am knocking down on sweets. So this is a once a while treat!

Do have to say that my co-workers did take most of the dessert so I didn’t have to bring it back home!

For lunch I had a Diet Coke, the Cranberry Apple Panini and a half bag of Doritos. No picture because my camera died so I am using the picture from Thursday Night!

Dinner was really good…if a little spicy! I used Green Goddess Pasta. I think I used a little to much red pepper for me. But the Hubby loved it!

Have to say it was just like Jenna from Eat, Live, Run said it would be! It was creamy but not pop pants creamy. It was just right! Except for those red flakes…gotta watch out for those!

Okay so that catches us all up to this morning! In which I am gonna make some Steak and Eggs! Sounds really delicious right about now!

So NeverEver’s, how is your Day 1 through 6 going so far? I hope you have found out just like me that being in the kitchen during the winter / fall is pretty good. It warms you up!

Also that cooking isn’t hard when you follow the instructions!

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