#EatAtHomeChallenge Day 7 + Pamper Me Fabulous

Hey NeverEver’s!

I know I know 2 posts in one day! I am crazy! Nope I just wanted to show you all the Pamper Me Fabulous Event that I went to!

Have to recommend that, if you are a woman, you go to this event!!! I know it hits other places then LA so check it out here to see when it is coming to your location!

It was an complete pampering event. I got a facial for $15, a free hair Styling from Sexy Hair, free drinks, and free workouts in a wonderful outdoor location AND a goodie bag! I mean the goodie bag had me coming, the other things are going to get me coming back!

That is only some of the vendors that was here! It was a pretty packed place full of goodies every where!

Also a dedicated fitness area! It was outside and the weather was perfect for yoga, Les Mills, Latin Dancing, Pilates and other fitness related events!

Here was the fitness area! You had a view of the ocean while burning those calories! The grass was green and soft as well!

One of the Hotel Villa’s go-er out for a jog and a boat going by! Yup the water was that blue! 

This is Wendy! You all met her back on my Birthday Weekend. One of my best friends and one of the people in my life that needed today. She has been working hard, going to school, being a single mother and being awesome in her relationship! This woman needed a day of pampering! So I had to bring her along! Plus she is great company ^_~

So this was actually my first purchase and it was for my Hubby! He has been looking for thick honey and well I found it! Thank you Whole Foods!

Wendy getting her hair styled by the fabulous and talented people over at Sexy Hair!

And then it was my turn. Yup that is ALL my hair. I have extremely thick, long, fine, frizzy hair. And I have NO idea what to do with it all. I need to go on piterest a little more to get some ideas! 

The final result with Wendy. They straightened her hair and then pinned it up with her comb thingy (really have no idea what it is called!). It looked really nice on her!

And it was my turn for the after pic! They did for me a ‘Modern Half Up-Do’. Plus they also showed me how to do it myself! Thank you Hair Styling Goddess! I really needed your help!

So after getting out hair done we were both hungry! Wendy got a Turkey Salad, which I didn’t get a pic of, while I got this! I know that I broke the #EatAtHomeChallenge, but I wasn’t sure how I could follow it while coming here for a blog event. So I made sure dinner was home made!

All in All this event was an amazing thing to go to! I was able to go through the Hiking Tour that the hotel offers, didn’t get to any other fitness event because of all the cool things inside. But, this is something that I will be going to again next year! 

My goodie bag! Here it is all laid out. It was HEAVY in the bags that we were given, so I KNOW I worked out my arms while carrying all of these things! I seriously can’t wait to start playing with all of these things!

Thank you again Pamper Me Fabulous for this opportunity to have not only a day of pampering but also a day of fun!

So as I said earlier I wasn’t sure what to do with this challenge that I am in the middle of while going to this event. In the end I decided to try and eat as healthy as I could while there, and make sure dinner was ready by the time I came home.

The end result was a good lunch and even better dinner!

Here is my picture of Crock Pot Chicken Enchilada Soup from Skinny Taste! It was delicious and warming after a slightly colder day here in So Cal.

Of course all of Gina’s recipes that I have tried are delicious! If you haven’t tried them yet what are you waiting for?

Anyways, so far this challenge has been great for me. I am feeling far more comfortable in the kitchen then I EVER thought I would be feeling. It has also let me know that I could actually have a full time job and still come home and cook. Amazing!

Okay NeverEver’s, I am gonna play with my new stuff! See you all tomorrow! Have a safe rest of your Veterans Day!

P.S. Most photos have been taken by Wendy. She gets most photo credits ^_^. Love you girl!

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