#EatAtHomeChallenge Day 8

Hey NeverEver’s!
Day 8 was a quite day for me. Hubby had to work and I was able to stay all warm and toasty in my bed while he had to get up in the morning! It was wonderful!!!
But I basically stayed in my bed most of the day, making the most of an extra day. Except when I had to head over to Hubby’s work to give him his wallet that he forgot. Yup, I am a delivery person as well! 
So there really isn’t to much to talk about, for yesterday anyways. Here was the meal plan!
Breakfast / Lunch:
Had more of that Chicken Enchilada Soup for late breakfast…or maybe early lunch? Not sure but it was delicious!
After I dropped off the forgotten wallet, I decided I wanted to make my breakfast for the next few days. Here comes the Fiber One Blueberry Muffins!

I did add some protein powder just to add even more stuff to these Fiber muffins. I seriously haven’t tasted it but I wasn’t to hungry after trying it.

Me muffins all battered up and ready for my oven!

The finished result. Sadly they did come out a little burned, really not sure how. But the top parts are edible but the bottom part is burned. But it does taste delicious which is always a plus. 
Have to say I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Feeling a little hopeful this year! 
Okay NeverEver’s! I will report about today later tonight. Hope you all are ready for the final day—Day 10!
Congrats on making it this far!

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