#EatAtHomeChallenge Day 9 & 10 – Updated!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Happy Friday!! I know I am ready for this weekend to come…and it isn’t coming fast enough! I am not sure why I am feeling like this week has been one through hell. Looking back it really wasn’t that hard but it felt like it was.

So I really don’t have to much to write about today. Or even to catch up on Day 9 & 10 because we ate left overs and no pictures were taken. Although you can check out the previous pictures of them as it was the Beef Quinoa Soup which is just delicious no matter how many times I have it.

However, I do want to talk about the Challenge itself and how I felt I did and what it helped me with.

Here are the few things that I like to think I have learned!
  • Cooking isn’t scary. I was already starting to learn that before this challenge but this really brought it home. 
  • I CAN plan for a whole week of food (5 days really) and it doesn’t kill my budget. 
  • Good food doesn’t always have to be elaborate complicated works of art. Sometimes the easier things to make are better!
  • I can make mistakes in the kitchen and not throw everything out in a huff & puff. There are things in my kitchen that can fix or re-make the mistake. 
  • Eating at home isn’t boring EVEN over the weekend! 
  • Healthy Swaps aren’t hard to ‘swap’ in. In fact it really is super easy!
  • Recipes are out there for you to use! Don’t try to make something brand new…especially if your me!
I am so happy that I did this challenge! I also hope that you have enjoyed the 10 day challenge as well! 
Have to say that one of things I was most excited for, besides actually doing the challenge, was on Day 8 I was the one to write that post! Yup I was squealing the whole time!

I was really touched by Day 3 on How to overcome obstacles that eating at home creates, at times. It really made me think that there is always going to be ‘obstacles’ it is how you plan for them that make the difference!

You can check out the other talented Bloggers and Writers of this 10 day challenge as well. I would recommend it because these ideas can be used for anything!

All in All I was honored to be apart of this challenge. Definitely learned so much about how to survive in the kitchen. Which as you all know was an un-known space for me for so many years! It was a GREAT 10 days!

Of course I hope that you have taken something away from this as well! 

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