Stocking Stuffers Anyone?

Hey NeverEver’s!

So Thanksgiving is behind us and the Holiday season is in full swing ahead of us! You ready? I really almost ready for it.

Did some online shopping for Black Friday, and was able to get quite a few gifts for my girl cousins and sis in law. Still have to get quite a few other gifts for the other important people in my life but it is a good start!

However, I do love the Stocking Stuffers the best! Little gifts that make opening the first gifts of the morning the best! Yup, when I was a kid, I was able to open everything in my stocking up not the ‘big’ gifts under the tree. It was the way my parents were able to get a few more minutes of shut eye while I got to open something!

So after much searching, and having fun, I have found a few stocking stuffer ideas for Men (boys), Woman (girls), Healthy Minded!

Stocking Stuffers for Men! 
#1 – ebay Stocking Stuffer – Bluetooth Stereo Headset Headphone – Perfect for those Black Op Lovers! 
#2 – ThinkGeek – Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug – The heart actually fills and depletes
#3 – ThinkGeek – The Legend of Zelda Mints – Save the Kingdom & have good breath! 
#4 – ThinkGeek – Super Mario Brothers Question Box Candy – Who knows whats in this box?
#5 – 80’s Tees – Black Batman Caped Knee High Socks – Ready to fight crime!
#6 – Uncommon Goods – SHARK SOCKS – Seriously who wouldn’t like to be eaten? 
Woman Stocking Stuffers!
#1 – Forever21 – Etched Feathers Necklace – I love the detail on this piece!
#2 – Forever21 – Lacquered Love Heart Necklace – Simple & Loved!
#3 – Forever21 – Love Letter Ring Set – More LOVE for Christmas!
#4 – Forever21 – Colored Burst Brooch – The color says it all!
#5 – Forever21 – Faceted Rosette Ring – It looks so dainty!
#6 – Forever 21 – Spiked Wallet – For the Rebel in all of us!
#7 – Forever21 – Butterfly Sunglasses – Need to protect those eyes!
#8 – Forever21 – Hair Elastic Cupcake – Do want! 
Stocking Stuffers for Healthy Minded
So NeverEver’s, here are my ideas. Most of these are under $20 and I hope they give you some ideas! I know they have helped me! 
See you all later tonight!

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