#MeatlessMonday & Challenges

Hey NeverEver’s!

So how was your guys weekend? Mine was actually pretty quite. Just relaxing at home and getting addicted to twitter & intsagram. Why has it taken me so long to enjoy these things? Oh ya because I don’t have a smartphone. Gotta get down to 160 before that happens. We still have some work to do before that happens.

Anyways, I have some news! I have picked up a few extra challenges from some of the other Bloggers! Lets check them out!

First off is the amazing #elf4Health which was created by Elle and Lindsay!

This wonderful challenge starts on 11/26 through 1/6! If you missed the first round, you can enter round 2 & 3, which I would HIGHLY recommend!

It has different daily challenges that are just for the Holiday season, and keeping your head! Like today was #MeatlessMonday!

Lunch was Butternut Squash Soup w/ Green Beans & Potatoes w/ Spinach  corn! It was delicious! I was really surprised by the soup. One because I have never had it before and two, well because it was so good!

I know these look like meat sausage…but it isn’t. It is actually a meatless spinach & feta cheese filled sausage. Which it was so yummy! Really recommend these which I got at Fresh & Easy!

So it was a meatless sausage, green fettuccine, corn & spinach. Have to say for having only a few hours to plan my #meatlessMonday it was pretty good.  Thank goodness for defrost on the microwave!

I should ALSO mention that tomorrow is for me ‘to send a card or handwritten note’ to a friend or family, talk about perfect for Christmas!

I do hope that everyone joins this amazing challenge!

Then I have also this one going on!

Now this one is from Sarah the wonderful blogger down at Mom Running on Empty! This one I think it is going to be so much fun. Like i said, I have just got into instagram and then I ran into this! So far I got the festive down!

Welcome to #Festive

I am really not sure where I am gonna get the cookies idea from, but I will find it!

Last but currently not least, I am sure you all remember this one!

So far, 4 out of the 5 days done…all squats! One of these days I will get to the burpees!

Oh I almost forgot! Look what just came in today for me!

My Drew Bree’s New Orleans Saint! And it fits!!! Its only an XL and it fits! SOOOO happy! Oh plus new hair cut!

Okay NeverEver’s, I do hope that you guys join in on some of the fun!

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