Squats, Christmas Cards & Ginger Snowflakes…Oh My!

Hey NeverEver’s!

So today was super busy at work…I barely had time to breath, let alone actually answer calls like I was supposed to. Anyways, I think this post might be a little short. Mainly on account of the time and I am sleepy!

Okay so first off!

The ChallengeLoop Challenge!

Check for COMPLETED! Yes I am very happy with myself on this one. My legs feel like jelly but I did it! I even completed my walk and added the squats to the end of long walk in the park. Yup feel very happy with myself right now.

On to the next one!

So I am having way to much fun with instagram, but that is why it was created. Or so I keep telling myself. Anyways, the challenge for today’s #elf4health was to write a handwritten note or send a card. Well I kind of did both. I got my Besties some Christmas Cards and hand wrote a note inside!

Can I have double points for that?

I am of coursing LOVING my Elf Helper! She is amazing, the wonder Casey! Having way to much fun e-mailing each other back and forth.

Just need to get ready for tomorrow’s challenge the…’Try a New Workout’. After talking about it with Casey we both decided that it wasn’t cheating for me to re-do a workout that I haven’t done in months. Mainly cause it FEELS like a new workout.

But I can always need a second opinion…NeverEver’s would that be cheating on the challenge to re-do? Let me know!

On to the Next Challenge!

Now this one is fun. Or at least it was until today. I wasn’t baking any cookies, none of my co-workers baked any cookies and there was really no way I was going to BUY a Christmas Cookie (regardless how good they looked) just for this challenge.

So, I decided to compromise. I would look at the wonderful Holiday cookies that Martha Stewart puts out on her website, take a picture of one of those AND make it this weekend. Here is what came out!

Doesn’t that look like the PERFECT snowflake? Well I have to assume it does since living here in So. Cal I really don’t see snowflakes at all.

Here is the recipe for the Gingerbread Snowflake Cookie. I will let you all know how to turns out this weekend!

So that is the challenges. All done and accounted for! Yay me! Here is some other news!

First, there are some amazing people out there and I am being lucky enough to meet them over Twitter and Facebook! If these challenges do nothing else they have really introduced me to some wonderful people!

Second, #fitblog chat that was hosted by Steph from @Kitchenkm was SO much fun! I have been trying to get to these weekly Tuesday chats forever but I just wasn’t able to make it. Finally did so today and it was  BLAST! Steph made everyone feel welcome and I swear I will try applesauce as a substitution for butter! Oh and use quinoa for more then just soup.

Okay that is it NeverEver’s! Stay warm and safe. Don’t forget tomorrow is hump day and we are that much closer to the wonderful weekend.

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