Officially challenge crazy!

Hey NeverEver’s,

So my calendar is really full right now. Not with Holiday stuff although I am sure that is coming soon…but with challenge stuff.

The really cool thing about it? I am STILL filling it up! I just recently joined 2 other challenges (yes I think I am going crazy) that I will be adding to my calendar.

But, I have recently found out from my Around the Plate challenge that I really do like them. I plan ahead and I work harder when I have something to keep me accountable.

I have so far done 6 days of physical activity from Fit Happens Holiday Challenge on ChallengeLoop. Which is more then I have ever done before. Really 6 days of doing something physical is something I did but I have’t wrapped my head around it yet.

Soo I found out that I was a little early on one of the challenges.

Yup that 1. was supposed to stand for December 1st not actually 1. So now that I know that I am going to re-start on Saturday. No repeat pictures I promise!

Oh and before I forget someone was amazing enough to create a Facebook event! So get going and join!

Okay so the new challenge are these!

First is from HealthyLoserGal!

It is called December to Remember and you can find out ALL about it on Jan’s page here. But let me give you a run down!

We will plan our meals out for the week with 1 day of outside foods! Which means shopping for the planned meals and more importantly sticking to the list!

We will be measuring out our food and not just ‘eye-balling it’! This one is going to be the hardest part for me but I CAN do it!

There will be bodies moved 4 out of 7 days. I don’t think this one is gonna be a challenge at all! One thing I did love that Jan added was the calf raises to do when standing in line! Genius!

And finally the most important partAccountability! So keep yourself ready to make the best December to Remember by following these simple really well thought out ideas with the #hlgDec2Rem. \

Don’t forget to check out Jan’s page about all of this because it is in WAY more detailed and just filled with awesomeness 

Okay so Courtney has found ChallengeLoop. Yup that amazing place I keep on gushing about! And she created a Challenge Called ‘2012 Closeout Workout Challenge‘! 
The whole idea behind this wonderful physical challenge is to end up choosing between 2 – 5 exercises that will end up with 2,012 reps by December 31st. 
Now that isn’t as impossible as it sounds. Even for someone who hates math like me. It averages out around 64 reps a day! 
Whats awesome is that you can chose your own exercise! Be it Burpee’s, lunges, squats, high knees, butt kicks crunches (nope) and that is just a few! 
So if getting your workout isn’t a good enough incentive for this December, well she has prizes. Pretty sweet ones if you ask me!
Of course I am really looking forward to adding my 50 Squats or Burpee’s for the Holiday Fit to compliment Coutney’s challenge. 
Now on to my favorite challenge to date! #elf4health! 

I can not go on enough about the wonderful people that I am meting with this challenge! I love my elf Casey. Always with some idea and quote!

So today’s challenge was to do a new workout that I have NEVER done before and after much considering I decided to do it.

And by it I mean BURPEE’S

Never done them before

Never knew how hard they were

And I did 50 of them! It took me a while, and it wasn’t pretty to look at while I was doing them. But I got them done! Have to say I am pretty dang proud of myself!

Plus as an added bonus with me doing 50 Burpee’s I also finished the Holiday Fit challenge for today as well!

I am sure that I will feel it tomorrow, actually I know I will but it will be worth it!

Okay so I do have 1 more little ittie bitty challenge that I wanted to share with everyone…Yes I know I am crazy. But I love it!

This one is for the Hubby and me! The idea actually came from my elf Casey from #elf4health, and she got it from @CarrotsnCake 24 days of Togetherness.

It is an amazing idea that is cheap, holiday filled, and just awesome!

So the concept. You write down 1 Holiday themed idea on a piece of paper. Then you or your other picks out 1 of those themes and you do it.

Here are a few of my ideas!

  • Go looking at Christmas Lights
  • Make some Cinnamon Apple Cider 
  • Watch ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’ either animated or Jim Carey 
  • Wrap Presents and Have some Wine
  • Enjoy some red cup’s from Starbucks
  • Buy a new Ornament for the Holidays
  • Send out Holiday Cards to Friends and Family Members
  • Bake Holiday Cookies and don’t forget to lick the spoon!
  • Sing to Holiday Music in the Car
  • Go to Griffith Park to see the Lights
  • Head to the QueenMary for their Winter Wonderland
That is just a few. 
Okay NeverEver’s…that is it. That is all the challenges I will be doing for the rest of this year. It will keep me busy enough. I am looking forward to it but I know I will be busy! 
So have you joined a year end challenge? 

2 thoughts on “Officially challenge crazy!

  1. What fun! I love challenges. Since I run a book blog, most of the ones I talk about our reading challenges. But I do a few active ones on 3 Fat Chicks, too.

    I'm working on an idea for a reading challenge to support New Year's Resolutions. That would be kind of the best of both worlds for me — reading books to support my healthy resolutions. If all goes well, that will go live December 15.

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