The Post that Almost Wasn’t!

Hey NeverEver’s,

I came home tired, I left work tired. To put it simply I was exhausted and in no mood to do anything more strenuous then eating some dinner. But let me start at the beginning.

This morning I was supposed to wake up 15 minutes early to meditate for the #elf4health challenge. So today of all mornings it was my duty as a challenge-ie to wake up early and to do my style of ‘meditation’. Which is to think about things that have made me happy. Things that I am grateful for!

Well today of all days both me AND the Hubby sleep in. Yup even he didn’t catch the alarm clock. I am thinking it was the weather. Anyways, it was a ‘rush-rush-rush’ just to get to work on time. But, I did have enough time to snag this!

Winter is coming late to So Cal. We still have the leaves on the tree & the ground. But it was a wonderful rainy day! This started to make things better. I love the rain and how fresh everything seems!

Made it to work with about 5 mins to spare. Really don’t like cutting it that close at all! Happily I did have one thing waiting for me once I got there. Which made my morning that much better!

That’s right Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee with a peach fruit cup and chex mix. This is the first time I have EVER had Chex Mix and I have to say that I liked it.

Wasn’t all that happy with how messy it was at times, but the taste was good and it hit the spot for a girl who didn’t have breakfast.

However, that is where it starts going down hill. Work was stressful and well that is enough said about that.

So once I got home I was exhausted. I had even posted

I gave myself a free pass not to do today. Not because I was away from the computer, not because I was sick…but because I was tired and didn’t feel like it.

And I allowed myself to be okay with that. Not posting. Not doing my challenge exercise (challengeloop) and not doing my meditation (elf4health).

But then I started thinking. Wasn’t this the same thing as giving myself a free pass to not workout? Wasn’t this the same attitude that allowed me to have sweets and not in moderation? Wasn’t it this attitude that I wanted to kick in the @ss?

After thinking about it I asked myself 2 questions.

1. Was I on the computer?  Answer – Yes
2. Was I about to fall asleep?  Answer – No

So why wasn’t I writing my nightly post?

The answer was that I was allowing that ‘attitude’ that it was ‘OKAY’ not to do what I needed to do. That it was ‘OKAY’ not to work hard and keep at it.

Well it wasn’t at all ‘OKAY’. So I put down the computer and did my fitness challenge!

Then I made myself sit away from all the noise (hubby was playing BlackOp’s) and the computer. I made myself sit down for 15 mins and think about what I was grateful for. I meditated!

And I found out that it was possible for me to sit quitely, by myself, for 15 mins and just…be happy. I didn’t fall asleep…I didn’t start thinking of all the things I needed to do. I just thought about things that made me happy.

Wanna know one of the top things that kept coming into my mind? I mean besides the Hubby!

The Blogging World. The people I have met while doing challenges, my readers, the exercises (that was a shocker), and the things I have seen this blog do!

So now I just had to write about it. But I still didn’t want to share my weakness. I didn’t want to share that this post almost wasn’t. But I needed to. I needed to share with everyone…and especially myself that I can overcome that ‘OKAY’ attitude.

The post is almost at its end and I am so happy that I did it. I exercised, I meditated, and I overcame! 

Now it really is time for bed. Those Squats aren’t getting any easier…or maybe I am still sore from the Burpee’s.

So NeverEver’s, How do you over come that ‘OKAY’ attitude? Especially, when you know that attitude isn’t okay?

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