A New Year , A New Me!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Welcome to the last day of December and the Old Year. We are bring in a New Year in a few hours. I am not sure what is going to happen in the New Year but I know what I will be working towards.

Starting with the Commitment Day 5K tomorrow morning!

I will be jogging tomorrow to start my New Year off right! To tell the truth I am a little worried about this event since it will not only be my first 5K I have ever done but it will be done without any training…or really anything.

It is a good thing that I like to walk for my workouts! Here is my trail.

I can not wait to share with all of you how it goes! Keep me in your thoughts while you are watching the Rose Bowl Parade! 
However, the 5K isn’t the only thing that I will be doing starting tomorrow! I am also joining in with 2 more challenges from ChallengeLoop. 
So right off the bat I am getting into some ab workouts. I need it…not gonna lie and this just seem perfect. There is even a calender that I can follow for when to workout those abs! Plus this challenge is also making sure that I take a picture of myself doing the abs! 
Then there is the Awkward is Awesome Challenge! On this one I will be doing a ‘New Physical Exercise’ and posting a photo of it! Since there is quite a few exercises out there that I haven’t even tried yet, I am really looking forward to it! 
Okay and finally, I wanted to share with you all something that the Hubby has made me for this Blog and the New Year Goals!
This is called an Achievement Board! I got the idea from one of the wonderful ladies over at #elf4health facebook page. She got the idea from a Hallmark Christmas Movie, and I am not sure where they got the idea. But, anyways, I showed the Hubby her Achievement Board idea and he came up for one for me! Any and all artistic ability so I was really excited that he wanted to do this for me! 
I just filled in the goals. They are set in Goals for 4 that get progressively harder, at least I think they get harder. So from Left to Right!
  • Finish the Commitment Day 5K
  • Finish the Color Run 5K
  • Finish the Couch to 5K 
  • Run a 10K
  • #MeatlessMonday
  • Drink more Water 
  • Use Healthy Subs
  • No More Reg Soda
  • Lose 5 Pounds
  • Lose 10 Pounds
  • Lose 20 Pounds
  • Lose 40 Pounds
  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Try a New Exercise once a Month
  • Go on a Fit-Cation
I can color those goals in as I reach them, and I can add more if there is something I need to work towards! 
Okay NeverEver’s, there is a Friends then a Family’s party I got to get to then I need to hit the sack for the race tomorrow. I will share everything with you on how it goes once I come back! 
Have a Safe and Wonderful New Years!

July to December what a Journey!

Hey NeverEver’s,

I know technically it has been a short year for this blog, it all started back on July 23rd. Finally getting tired of how I was living my life. Getting short breath walking up stairs, not fitting into the clothes that I wanted to wear, feeling pain inside my body that I knew I shouldn’t be feeling. I knew things couldn’t remain living the same life without some major issues physically and emotionally.

But has things changed since starting this blog?

The true answer is yes and no.

I am cooking and eating out less then ever before. The kitchen is not my enemy anymore! I have cooked Chicken, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner all from home, Tried new foods, and I even got some healthy cheese & pasta!

It should also be mentioned that while I have been playing in the kitchen there has been NO casualties of family member stomachs!

So, I learned I can survive in the kitchen…and even enjoy it! That has been a real eye opener this year and something that I want to expand on in the New Year!

My workouts have been almost non existent! The ‘Ya I JUST worked out‘ feeling.  Yup, I am going to be putting it out there, because if I can’t be truthful here there is no point in continuing this blog.

I have been doing my exercise challenges, very faithfully, but those are not a workout! At least I don’t feel like they are a workout. Maybe because I don’t feel like I do after a long walk/jog (my legs are so tired) or a Gym Class (my heart rate is way up). So this is something that I will be working on in the New Year!

I have learned that from these challenges that I can actually see a goal from start to finish! It still surprises me that I have been doing 50 Squats for FIT Happens Holiday Challenge since November!

There has also been the challenges, both real & just challenging situations, that I have joined and enjoyed. There is so much support out there and it has humbled and astounded me!

At first I was surprised and so happy that I was chosen to write a review for KLUTCHclub October Box. This was a challenge all on its own. Never wrote one before, I wasn’t even sure I could do it. But I did it!

Then there was my first Blog Challenge from AroundthePlate. This challenge was to Eat at Home for 10 days, no eating out at all. Which to tell the truth freaked me out big time. But, this challenge is what taught me that I could actually Survive Without Fast Food!!

Oh and it also introduced me to the wonderful site ChallengeLoop! If you haven’t checked this site out you really have to!

There was also my challenge to write a Guest Post for a wonderful site called FitKit! Such a wonderful site that has Healthy Living right at your finger tips. Ideas and tips from all over! I decided to write about Staying Fit through the Holidays.

And to finish the year off strong I joined the #elf4health challenge. Now this challenge was given to us by the amazing & creative minds of Elle from Nurtritionella and Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean! What they gave us was over 6 weeks of unique daily challenges and people that we joined up with to conquer these daily challenges! I have had some amazing elves for helpers, there was first Casey, then Alexis and the newest is Katherine. They have all been so helpful and inspiring. 

So I think this year I have done more for my body, my life and my health then I have ever done before! I have realized that my life needed to change, I am cooking more, I have an amazing support group, and I finally started my dream blog.

I can not wait to accomplish even more in the New Year. 2013 is going to by my year, and tomorrow I will show my plans and goals for it!

However, I wanted to end this ‘review’ post by thanking all my readers. You guys have shocked, amazed and have made me cry tears of joy. Thank you for being the silent, or not so silent, force behind this blog. You guys are amazing and I can not wait to bring in the New Year with all of you!

Motivational Thursday + My 20 Things!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I have been busy today getting household chores done and taking care of a sick Hubby. I am happy to report that the laundry is done, and Hubby doesn’t have a fever anymore! All in a days work right?

Anyways, here is another Thursday…which requires Motivation! However, before we get into that I wanted to share my #elf4health challenge today!

Today I was to ‘Make a List of 20 things I was grateful for’. To tell the truth this one wasn’t as hard as yesterdays ‘Look in the Mirror‘ challenge. So I wanted to share with you all what my 20 things are!

There is plenty more, but these were the ones I came up with at first.

Okay on to the ‘Motivational Thursday’!

Have a great Motivational Thursday NeverEver’s! 

Mirror, Mirror – What is it that you see?

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas, filled with Family & Friends! I will be posting some pictures of my Family’s Christmas tomorrow, but I am currently trying to take care of a sick Hubby! I am just hoping that I don’t catch it!

But I had to write about today’s #elf4health challenge, which was, ‘Look at Yourself in the Mirror and find 3 things you truly love about yourself’.

Now this one was hard. Personally, I think its hard for anyone trying to lose weight to look in the mirror and find something. It is so easy to focus on the negative. The things that I don’t like about myself. To see the positive, the beautiful, the wonderful.

Really wanted to share!

So that is what I focused on. I wanted to find something on my body that I found ‘Positive’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Wonderful’ and here is what I discovered –

Positive – My arms have gotten smaller, my clothes have gotten loser, and it means I am going in the right direction!

Beautiful – I am finding it easier to look in the mirror and like what I see, since I have been working at getting healthier. So what I am finding Beautiful lately is my butt! Yup, I am seeing some serious lift and it is making me really happy!

Wonderful – My health has gotten so much better since I have been taking care of my body. I have to say that it is Wonderful that I am not sick as often!

This is what I am seeing while I am looking in the mirror. This is quite the change from my bad days, or even a few months ago when I knew I wasn’t working at a better & healthier life.

Okay, I do have to go and get the Hubby some medicine. Really got to get him better so I don’t get it!

Oh and on a side note —

I did it! I made it over 2,012 reps BEFORE 2013! Yup I am currently at 2,173 and I still have 5 more days!
Really had to share, so happy & proud! 

Christmas Wishes from Me to You!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I have been honored to be blogging with all of you for the past half of this year! It has been an amazing journey.

Personally half of me can’t believe that I even started this…and the other half is asking why it took so long! In which I have no answer.

However, I can wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

I will see you all on Wednesday!

The Last Weekend a Christmas Poem

Hey NeverEver’s!

It is the last weekend before Christmas…and all through the country people were running around, knowing that Christmas will soon be here! 
Santa’s Toy Land Ice Sculpture
The presents were stuck under the tree with care. All wrapped, bowed, & tucked into bags with Love & Care!

My Tree with all the trappings ^_^
Holiday Parties and Events are full swing! Stopping by the Queen Mary Chill Event is next on our list!

Queen Mary Ice Event!
With the Hubby and I all bundled tight, we find ourselves on way to an icy event! Onward’s to the Queen Mary & its Chill Event! 
Christmas Wreath Ice Sculpture
Astounded we were when we stepped in. The detail was there all carved in ice, a winter wonderland was all there!
The path was lighted by wonderful tree’s all leading the way to more surprises.

Winter Unicorn Ice Sculpture
What will my wondering eye shall see, a Winter Unicorn ready to pull…

Swan Sleigh
A swan designed sleigh. Quite a Feather in Hubby’s Cap!
A Little Girl’s Dream Gift!
Next there was Santa’s Toy Shop, we saw dolls! 

A Train that runs!
And little toy trains
Also a reminder that there are other Holiday’s this season, each just as important! 
Don’t forget to hang the garland!

And don’t eat to many sweets!
So have a Merry Christmas All and to All a Good Night!
Yes I know this didn’t always rhyme, and that it was a poor re-edition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ but it was really fun trying ^_^. 
All of these pictures were taken over at the Queen Mary Chill Event! If you live around Cali, or visiting, I would highly recommend visiting this! 

Motivational Thursday + Challenge Update!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I really liked posting last week Motivational Thursday. It really got me out the door for working out, and got me ready for the weekend without actually blowing it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 
So because I liked it…you guys must have loved it…right?!?!? 
Also, if you really missed yesterdays post…well that is because the Hubby stole me away from the computer.  Gotta say it was so much fun to play Lego Batman 2. 

Oh I forgot to mention the wine…Yup there was wine & games! What a great night ^_^
But I did get my workout on with the Challenges!

 50 Squats Done!

 50 Squats & 20 Lunges
It was a slow night. But I got the legs in!

This picture really feels like Christmas, I can’t believe that it is only 5 days away! Really do love how I was able to get both the Red & Green lights!
Now on to the Motivation that I really REALLY need! 

Now the one above really hits me hard! Now its time to get my walk on! Still have to get ready for the Commitment 5K that is coming really fast!
See you after Christmas NeverEver’s! And whatever your Holiday, whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful time with your Friends & Family!