What I am doing – December!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock! Yup its my favorite time of year where the lights go around the Christmas Tree, you get together with Friends and Family, you sign songs that you have known since a little one and you get to kiss under the mistletoe!

So far I got the tree!

I plan to take a better picture, but wouldn’t you know as soon as I want to take a picture the batteries are dead? Doesn’t that happen to everyone?

This one is one of my favorite pictures so far!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How your lights are shinning!

But December is also a time for changes. The snow is on the ground (at least in other places outside of So. Cal) and things are still growing under all that snow and ice. That is the part that I always love about this season. Things are beginning again.

So on that note I wanted to share with you all my calendar and my plans for this wonderful month!

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You all know this challenge! Amazing one that is having us doing either 50 Burpee’s or 50 Squats a day from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.

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This is another one from ChallengeLoop and from Courtney @SweetToothSweetLife! So the basis is that we can all do 2,012 reps of 1 – 5 exercises between December 1st & 31st. 

For this challenge I am doing!

burpees – 13 a day
crunches – 13 a day
lunges – 13 a day
squats – 13 a day
push-ups – 13 a day

Shouldn’t be to hard right? Ya I am really looking forward to getting all these exercises in!

Now this challenge just makes sense. Jan from over at Healthy Loser Gal came up with a simple no nonsense plan that includes Planning the Meals, Exercising 4 outta 7 days, and Monitoring the food! The perfect thing needed for the Holiday season!

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This one is amazing! Its all about following the unique challenge everyday with the other elves! My elf for the first half of this challenge is amazing! Casey is such an inspiration on healthy eating!  
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Now this one is going to be fun! I would hope that if you have instagram or twitter join up! Rules are to take a picture of what is in the day! 
My festive for the day was of course my tree! 
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And this one is such a cute idea! Pick out 1 thing to do with a loved one for the next 24 days and you do them. Doesn’t have to be fitness related just together related! 
Today’s together with the Hubby was…the tree of course! 
So my goal this Month is to complete all these challenges. Be they fun, silly, fitness, or healthy eating! I say that it will keep me happy, healthy and probably sore from fitness! 
I do hope that if you haven’t already then you will join some of these awesome challenges! 

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