Exercises Are Becoming…FUN?!?!

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I am not sure what happened yesterday. One moment I was getting ready to write my post for yesterday then I got distracted by the Hubby and American Horror Story.

I watched the Walking Dead, no issue, I can watch Ghost Movies and love them…but I really don’t like psycho movies. And American Horror Story is a Ghost story AND a Psycho story all in one. There is just no looking away or stopping it. So I got a little distracted. Okay A LOT distracted.

Sorry about that!

But I was able to get my workouts in. Which is AWESOME! I am totally getting in the habit of this new idea called ‘workout’!

So for FIT Happens Holiday I got in my 50 squats & 13 Burpee’s & for 2012 Closeout Workout I got my 5 workouts done! I was even surprised that I already have 130 reps done in 2 days. I feel so awesome!
I can’t believe that I am getting these all done and even including my walk time! It feels that it is getting easier and easier. Don’t even have to push myself that much to get my challenges done. 
Just have to remind myself that it has to be done…and I get them done. This is a surprising attitude for me. Never really felt it before but I do like it. I want it to stay. 
So dare I say…the challenges…no the exercise is actually becoming fun!?!?
Okay so to play catch up. Because I HAVE to show you my breakfast for Sunday. It was delicious and simple..and well delicious!
These are called Pancake Popovers! Got the idea from Peanut Butter & Peppers! Now I didn’t follow her recipe I just used the idea of putting the the pancake mix into cupcake pans and put it in the cupcake pans in the oven. Only took about 15 minutes! 
They were delicious and well delicious! It was like such a treat but it was just a normal pancake. 

Then it was lunch time. I got some normal spaghetti, butternut squash pasta sauce and chicken sausage. With some wine!

Hubby liked the wine not to much for me. So I gave him the rest of mine and I got a nice diet coke.

On to the challenges!

Today’s challenge was to eat as much fiber as possible today. Usually I don’t get that much but I actually got a little over 20 grams! Was pretty happy with this little number.

Today’s challenge is all about Work It! Here is what I got ^_^

I really will be good next year ^_~

For #HlgDec2Rem I followed the ‘eat stuff from home’. So for lunch I got Butternut Squash Soup (why did it take me so long to find this). For Dinner I did Philly CheeseSteak with extra onions & low fat Swiss cheese. Which of course was delicious!

Okay NeverEver’s, it is time to finish my challenge workouts + a walk.

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