Twitter Chats & Challenges

Hey NeverEver’s!

It looks like I am getting in the habit of late night posts. I am gonna say it is because of my traffic on the way home and well…not sure. But, I do hope that it isn’t to bad for you East Coasters!

Okay so on to other subjects! Like my challenges!

So today was Day 8 – Have a Salad and make your own Salad Dressing. I had an idea, I knew what I was going to do…and it never happened. To tell the truth I really wasn’t sure what happened. One moment I was going to make sure yogurt ranch and the next thing I woke up without having a salad made and work was calling.

Today wasn’t a good #elf4health day. Plus my elf Casey got sick. Which is horrible because her semester is almost done and I think she had a test one day soon. Hopefully she is feeling better!

My #hlgDec2Rem wasn’t much better then my #elf4health. Because well there was no salad…and left overs were at home. So it was an eat out day. Not the best decision I made this week. BUT I did workout so that makes it worth it!

Tomorrow is another day! A better day with home cooked / re-heated foods!

#Holidayaday was a success! My neighborhood is really getting into the Holiday season! So here is my Red of the day! Mickey was just so big and red! I couldn’t pass him up without a picture!

After getting back from my walk (and Mickey!) it was time to get the #closeoutworkout done and done!

13 Burpee’s (I think these things might be getting easier)
13 Lunges (my legs are seriously feeling it)
13 Squats
13 Push Up’s (still doing the girl push ups)
13 Crunches (my ab’s still hurt)

So apparently I don’t have ABC Family and the 25 day’s of Christmas. Which really hit me hard. I have always watched the 25 day’s of Christmas and now I don’t have it. BUT I did find one of my favorite Christmas Movie!

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer on CBS. My favorite song is the ‘Silver and Gold’. Such an awesome Christmas Music! Plus it was on the bucket list which made it all the sweeter for the hubby and I.

I got another 50 squats done. I am thinking sometime this week doing another 50 burpee’s again. I did it once and I can do it again! Maybe do it on Friday before leaving to Vegas ^_~

Also before I forget I wanted to share with you all #fitblog chats that happen every Tuesday at 9pm EST & 6pm PST (my time). It is just a great time all around where you can talk about fitness, healthy living, and motivation. You can join in from twitter and I would highly recommend it!

One other thing, FitFluential also does have a chat on Tuesdays usually. But you do have to check their website for information. Like today it was #activeandwell hosted by GaiamTV & FitFluential. Great twitter chat.

Okay NeverEver’s, that is it for tonight. My ab’s are feeling it and I am ready for some sleep! Hope you all have had a great Tuesday!

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