Pictures, Pictures & More Pictures

Hey NeverEver’s,

I am drawing a blank on what to write today. So I wanted to share some pictures of last night’s dinner, snack time and other things.

Ya I know this is different…hope you like it!

I got a new workout shirt just for the Holidays! What I love is that the XL is actually big on me! 

Last nights dinner was some steak in BBQ sauce and white rice. Just the right amount of kick and southern style. Loved it!

Cottage cheese and grapes was the great ending for the night. I happen to like cottage cheese more then yogurt.
Then there was dinner.

Dinner tonight was interesting. It was turkey stuffing with carrots & apples and Chicken. Never used stuffing like this before but it was delicious. 
Okay so that is the end of the photo barrage. I do hope you all have enjoyed the trip ^_^. Now it is time to get all my physical challenges done!
Oh Challenge Updates!

Today was all about packing a healthy snack and sharing it at work. Well my co-workers aren’t much of the sharing but I did offer. Today’s snack was navel oranges & natural almonds. Very delicious if I do say so myself!

Today was all about #cozy and I had the perfect thing to share! My mother in law is getting into knitting and she knitted me a infinity scarf! It is so warm and cozy! Thank you second Mother!

Okay gotta get on with those challenges! See you all tomorrow!!

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