Back from Vegas Exercises?!

Hey NeverEver’s!!

I had an awesome weekend, which I hope all of you did as well! I did forget that Vegas is in the desert so its HOT HOT HOT in the Summer and COLD COLD COLD in the winter. So it was cold this time.

Its time to share!

The Tree over at the Venetian. It was so pretty before it was lighted up. I loved the little bubbles, made it look so unique!

There was an ice skating rink over at the Venetian as well. I totally had to try it, been dying for years and I could not pass the opportunity up! 

Hubby was a total natural on the rink. It made me look like a person with 2 left feet but him…nope he was just gliding around.

And then there was me. I only fell once so I am pretty happy with that. Personally I thought that I would be falling a LOT more then that. I was saying 1, 2, 1, 2 many times just to keep the balance!

A really nice person took a picture of both of us! The lights made everything blue but it was well worth it! I had so much fun ice skating for an hour. Have to say that it was quite the workout!
By the time we got out the tree was all lighted up! So of course I had to share! 

Hugo & Tia Melia
After ice skating it was time for the reason why we came to Vegas. My cousin Val’s 18th’s Birthday! It was time to dance with the family!

Plus posing for photos in the cold out doors! Good thing that the music was hot! 

My sister in law Marlem, hubby and Zoraya! They were really getting their grove on! It was so awesome I had to take a picture!

And well a night doesn’t end until there is a final picture between the Hubby and I! It was a fun and active day! 
So I didn’t do my challenges, I didn’t do any gym workouts but I had fun and I worked out. I tried ice skating for the first time and found out that I could do it! 
I found out that I can have a weekend away…and not just ruin everything. There are chances to workout without even knowing it! 
Now tonight I am catching up on my challenges + my neighborhood walk. Ice skating & dancing is fun but so is being on a scheduled workouts. 
I got my new elf today! Her name is Alexis and it feels like she has so much energy! I can not wait to talk with her more and just steal some of that energy ^_~
So today’s challenge was drinking your body weight in water. As of right now I am up to 140 oz’s of water. There is still more time to go before heading to bed so I am trying to make it up to 180 oz’s! 

So with me not having a smart phone…I can’t do some instagram things without it. So I am playing catch up! Check out my Day 7 through 9 on Twitter! Promise they are awesome pictures ^_^
Okay…now on to my walk! Talk to you guys tomorrow NeverEver’s! 

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