Vegas Eats

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I was going to post all of this yesterday but I decided that I really wanted to break it up into 2 sections. The fact that I CAN exercise while going to places…especially VEGAS, and I really wanted to share that.

Now I want to share the wonderful Buffet food that I had!

Starting with…

This was over at the Cosmopolitan! For hubby and I w/ champagne it was only $88. Considering that this hotel is brand new and a lot of people like to go there…I was expecting more. 

I really had to take a picture of this. Kind of want to make it my background now?!? What do you guys think?

The table. I felt so fancy that a Buffet actually had place mats. Never seen it before. 

Okay from Top Left to Bottom Right: Duck Ravolli, Grapes w/ Brie Cheese, Lamb w/ Beans & ‘Angry’ Mac & Cheese. 
It was my first time trying duck. It was sweet and delicious, I am so happy that I have finally tried it! Everything on this plate was gone before I knew what happened! 

Again Top Left to Bottom Right: Three Cheese Panini, Korean BBQ Rib, Spanish ‘Dirty’ Rice & Sirloin. 
So the Three Cheese Panini wasn’t all that good. I just don’t think it really hit the spot at all. But everything else was delicious! The steak was amazing and the ribs yummy!

This was the hubby’s plate..well one of them. It was a complete fish plate..ewww! To those of you that like fish please ignore my opinion above ^_^

Dark Chocolate Strawberry, Tres Leches Sugar Cube, Fruit Vanilla Parfait, Vanilla Custard Chocolate Cup, Red Velvet Cookie!

I really had to go back for more of that steak! It was delicious! But I had to add some green beans to it to even it out!

I really loved this chandelier! It was so beautiful!!

Hubby’s dessert. All I remember that this one had it was an apple pie! 
Afterwards, it was all about Vegas Exercises!

Here was the Birthday girls Birthday Cake! it was a vanilla & chocolate cake. Not to sweet and it was perfect for sharing with the Hubby! 
Now on the Sunday’s Buffet! 

This one is from the Harrah’s Casino Buffet ‘Flavors’. I had the coffee, salad, sirloin steak and cottage cheese. Weird combo but it tasted really good! 

I saw these waffles and I just had to have them! The hearts & diamonds were so yummy! Then there was the watermelon, peaches and cinnamon bun! 

Finally to finish my Buffet breakfast was the dessert! Such a perfect bite size yummy-ness! 

So today’s challenge was to clean out the fridge and the pantry. So that is exactly what I did! 

 Got rid of some old food, snacks that were expired and organized. It felt really good to be able to see everything again…but it also reminded me that I need to go shopping!

I have some BIG news about today’s challenge that was done. My Hubby actually joined me! 
Yup I only have 1,334 to go before 20 days are over with! I totally can do it. Maybe I can actually get the Hubby to join me a few more times ^_^

I am still catching up on missed squats so I am doing 100 Squats! Done and Done!

It is time for bed but to give everyone a heads up on tomorrow’s post!

Tuesday’s Twitter Chats – Family Topic’s
The new 5K I signed up for!
My KLUTCHclub box
Slim Genetics Box

See you all tomorrow!

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