Commitment Day 5K

Hey NeverEver’s!

Sorry I have been MIA recently. Yesterday my computer wouldn’t even type! But now it is back to normal which I am so happy that it is. I am not afraid to say I was going through a panic mode thinking I broke my computer!!

Also, with the bad news, might as well get it out all at once, my assignment ended over at that Property Management company. I was expecting it so I am not surprised. Already looking for a new assignment, or maybe, a regular job that doesn’t come through a temp agency. We will see how my it goes.

Okay on to the good news. I swear I have some ^_^

I have decided to do my first 5K on New Years Eve and not for the Color Run. The Twitter chat on Tuesday with FitFluential gave me that final push!

I am going to be doing the Los Angeles Commitment Day 2013! Although technically its really Long Beach not Los Angeles.

So I have been walking 3.2 miles everyday with my Challenge exercises.

I don’t expect to run the race, I am not even expecting to jog it all but I want to see what I can do. I want to know how it feels to finish something like this.

Also, to see how much my time can improve between the Commitment Day 5K & the Color Run in February!

Here is the route that I will be taking. I know this area pretty well and I am thinking about going to try walk this before 1/1/13 to get the feel of the place. If not I might have to rely on m memory of the place. But it shouldn’t be that hard. Either way I will let you guys know about it!
On Wednesday we were supposed to eat at least 3 servings of vegetables before 2pm. I didn’t make it for Breakfast (what sleep was amazing) but my lunch was SkinnyTastes – Beef Quinoa Soup but I added more veggies in it. Like carrots, green beans, onions & tomatoes. Made for a very filling delicious and vegetable full soup. And it was all before 2pm!
Although I am sure I didn’t make the 3 full servings I had more for lunch then ever before. So I am pretty happy!

Joining both of these together. Because well…It was easier to copy / paste it all together instead of separating them. 
These exercises I am still feeling them and my clothes are getting loser! Which is of course the best part of all this working out. I haven’t weighed myself in a while, but if I am judging things by my clothes I am doing a great job! 
Okay NeverEver’s, really wish me luck on getting ready for this 5k that is coming!! 

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