Hoo Rag – The Better Bandana!

Hey NeverEver’s!

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail, which is always awesome, and it requested that I take a look at their product. Check it out, use it and play with it. Which of course is what I did.

May I introduce you all to the Hoo Rag

Hoo Rag the Seamless Bandana! The perfect item for any sport minded person! 
Now I have tried this Hoo Rag out in my area of So. Cal. It isn’t snow-y cold but it does rain and is around 50ish degrees at night. My head has never been so warm!! 
When I first got the Hoo Rag it looked just like above. A rectangular strip of material. However, the material is made from cotton-polyester blend micro-fiber. 
 So many options on how to put it on my head I squealed! Couldn’t help it. Plus the design looks awesome! 
Here is some possibilities! 
 First isn’t the art so cute! Okay here are just some of the ways you can wear the Hoo Rag
Did I mention that Hoo Rag has many different design’s and colors! 
Have to say that this is one of the best headbands, well bandana but I used it has a headband, that I have EVER used! It doesn’t slip, which is always a complaint of mine. 
All in all, this is something that I would get myself. I am already looking at This Purple Beauty and Everyday Pretty Brown! Oh and Stay Hungry for upcoming 5K’s!
I didn’t get paid for this review, these opinions are all my own. But I do highly recommend you check out the Hoo Rag for yourself! 

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