Motivational Thursday + Challenge Update!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I really liked posting last week Motivational Thursday. It really got me out the door for working out, and got me ready for the weekend without actually blowing it on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 
So because I liked it…you guys must have loved it…right?!?!? 
Also, if you really missed yesterdays post…well that is because the Hubby stole me away from the computer.  Gotta say it was so much fun to play Lego Batman 2. 

Oh I forgot to mention the wine…Yup there was wine & games! What a great night ^_^
But I did get my workout on with the Challenges!

 50 Squats Done!

 50 Squats & 20 Lunges
It was a slow night. But I got the legs in!

This picture really feels like Christmas, I can’t believe that it is only 5 days away! Really do love how I was able to get both the Red & Green lights!
Now on to the Motivation that I really REALLY need! 

Now the one above really hits me hard! Now its time to get my walk on! Still have to get ready for the Commitment 5K that is coming really fast!
See you after Christmas NeverEver’s! And whatever your Holiday, whatever you celebrate, have a wonderful time with your Friends & Family!

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