The Last Weekend a Christmas Poem

Hey NeverEver’s!

It is the last weekend before Christmas…and all through the country people were running around, knowing that Christmas will soon be here! 
Santa’s Toy Land Ice Sculpture
The presents were stuck under the tree with care. All wrapped, bowed, & tucked into bags with Love & Care!

My Tree with all the trappings ^_^
Holiday Parties and Events are full swing! Stopping by the Queen Mary Chill Event is next on our list!

Queen Mary Ice Event!
With the Hubby and I all bundled tight, we find ourselves on way to an icy event! Onward’s to the Queen Mary & its Chill Event! 
Christmas Wreath Ice Sculpture
Astounded we were when we stepped in. The detail was there all carved in ice, a winter wonderland was all there!
The path was lighted by wonderful tree’s all leading the way to more surprises.

Winter Unicorn Ice Sculpture
What will my wondering eye shall see, a Winter Unicorn ready to pull…

Swan Sleigh
A swan designed sleigh. Quite a Feather in Hubby’s Cap!
A Little Girl’s Dream Gift!
Next there was Santa’s Toy Shop, we saw dolls! 

A Train that runs!
And little toy trains
Also a reminder that there are other Holiday’s this season, each just as important! 
Don’t forget to hang the garland!

And don’t eat to many sweets!
So have a Merry Christmas All and to All a Good Night!
Yes I know this didn’t always rhyme, and that it was a poor re-edition of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ but it was really fun trying ^_^. 
All of these pictures were taken over at the Queen Mary Chill Event! If you live around Cali, or visiting, I would highly recommend visiting this! 

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