Mirror, Mirror – What is it that you see?

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas, filled with Family & Friends! I will be posting some pictures of my Family’s Christmas tomorrow, but I am currently trying to take care of a sick Hubby! I am just hoping that I don’t catch it!

But I had to write about today’s #elf4health challenge, which was, ‘Look at Yourself in the Mirror and find 3 things you truly love about yourself’.

Now this one was hard. Personally, I think its hard for anyone trying to lose weight to look in the mirror and find something. It is so easy to focus on the negative. The things that I don’t like about myself. To see the positive, the beautiful, the wonderful.

Really wanted to share!

So that is what I focused on. I wanted to find something on my body that I found ‘Positive’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘Wonderful’ and here is what I discovered –

Positive – My arms have gotten smaller, my clothes have gotten loser, and it means I am going in the right direction!

Beautiful – I am finding it easier to look in the mirror and like what I see, since I have been working at getting healthier. So what I am finding Beautiful lately is my butt! Yup, I am seeing some serious lift and it is making me really happy!

Wonderful – My health has gotten so much better since I have been taking care of my body. I have to say that it is Wonderful that I am not sick as often!

This is what I am seeing while I am looking in the mirror. This is quite the change from my bad days, or even a few months ago when I knew I wasn’t working at a better & healthier life.

Okay, I do have to go and get the Hubby some medicine. Really got to get him better so I don’t get it!

Oh and on a side note —

I did it! I made it over 2,012 reps BEFORE 2013! Yup I am currently at 2,173 and I still have 5 more days!
Really had to share, so happy & proud! 

4 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror – What is it that you see?

  1. Wow, more than 2012 reps! That's awesome! Congrats on seeing results and feeling better about your body. It's amazing what exercise and healthy eating can do. I can only imagine what wonderful changes 2013 will have in store!!

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